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FIVE MORNING RITUALS EVERY HEALTHY PERSON SWEARS BY The very first hour of your day is very important as it is this hour that decides how your remaining part of the day will be spent. It determines your productivity and energy levels throughout the day. So, it becomes important that you kick-start your day on the right note. You can …

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4 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Couples who were once happily married and in love can find themselves going through a legal battle and a long road of lengthy bills, arguing, and stress. While everyone’s situation is unique when you weigh out all of the details and factors, the main reasons are usually the same amongst most divorced couples. When it comes to the reasons that …

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5 Ways To Ruin the Look Of Your Kitchen

Obviously there are a ton of resources to look up about how to make your kitchen a beautiful, serene location. But for the dramatist in us all, what about a few explanations for ways that you can ruin the look of your kitchen in a few fell swoops? It’s worth consideration, at least. And you can begin with the categories …

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Certified Mould Inspectors and How to Verify Their Certification

Mould are organisms that belong to the fungi kingdom, and mould feeds on decaying organic matter, like leaves or dead plants. Outside, you may find mould growing in the soil, or on wood, or decaying plants. Indoors, mould can grow in places like in the carpet, on clothes, on wood, and on food. One of the main requirements for mould …

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Barbie Digital Mirror Lets Kids Try on Makeup Using Augmented Reality

Smearing red lipstick all over their faces and fingers, little kids like to try on mommy’s makeup — it’s a mess, but also a rite of passage. Mattel has transformed that traditional play pattern with the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror, which Mashable saw at the 110th American International Toy Fair this week. Using an iPad and a separately purchased vanity …

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