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Saving Money For The Whole Family On Health And Wellness

Your health and wellness is important, and it’s important for your whole family. It can get pricy trying to be healthy, but it doesn’t always have to be. An ounce of preventions can help keep your wallet padded. But how do you work on prevention? Well, it’s really as easy as regular check ups, eating right, getting physical activity, and …

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3 Office Furniture Buying Mistakes

An office is usually defined by its interiors, a majority of which is dependent on the choice of furniture you choose to equip the office with. Office furniture must thus be bought keeping in mind several considerations. It is often seen that people tend to make plenty of mistakes when buying furniture for their offices. Some most common mistakes they …

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Winter Is Coming. Are You Ready?

With winters ready to step into your life, make sure you are ready for the cold weather. The sudden drop in temperature will not only change your lifestyle but also make you more conscious about your health. The seasonal change in the functioning of the immune system may lead to several health problems that linger for long. From maintaining a …

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Tanning Myths Busted

Tanning Myths Busted Good or bad? Forget what your friends told you. With summer at our doorstep, it’s time you knew the truth about how much the sun affects your skin. Veethi busts the common myths about tanning. Myth 1: More the Vitamin D, healthier the skin Most people believe they need to tan in order to soak up sufficient …

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Do You Need a Lawyer a Real Estate Agent for Buying a House?

You know that when buying or selling a hoe you will need some help in the face of a real estate agent or a condo lawyer. But the question is whom to hire and when. Most frequently real estate agents will require some commission to be paid. Although these commissions are frequently paid by the seller, the cost may be …

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