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4 Things You Can Expect From Your AV Equipment Supplier

Everyone wants their event to go as smoothly as possible, delivering an excellent experience for everyone involved. One of the key factors to control for a successful event is the AV technology. Most people hire AV technology and equipment for their event, if they do not have their own up-to-date technology to use. It is therefore very important to choose an AV supplier you can trust to deliver great service and excellent technology. Here are a few of the key things you can expect from an excellent AV hire firm.

1. Excellent Pre-Event Service

A good Av Rental firms should take the time to discuss with you exactly what you need for your event. They should be experienced enough to provide solutions to your needs, and to advise on how technology can best work for you. They will recognise that every event is different and that every client has a different budget and different needs. They should also understand your setup and make a visit to the site if necessary to check that technology will work well in the space.

2. Great Project Management

Ideally you will have your own project manager or team that will look after your needs. Project management is a good idea for events as it ensures that all aspects of the event are covered, and that AV technology will work and be successful. If you are absolutely sure that you understand how to set up and use AV equipment then opt out of the project management provision, but if you are using anything that you have not used before then it is important you get the best help possible.

3. Extensive Experience

An AV supplier will be experienced in projects similar to your own. They should be able to show you how they have successfully worked on events like yours, and what they have done to make these events a success. Look for case studies or references that demonstrate experience in relevant technology, and experience of working on events of your size.



4. Modern Technology

A good AV hire firm will always invest in new technology. They will have modern equipment and will always be upgrading their tech so it is the best to offer clients. AV equipment should be easy to use, high quality, and to modern specs. You will also be able to benefit from modern ideas and new innovations that could add that extra special edge to your event.

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PRINCE2 Vs PMP vs CAPM: Which One is Better for Me?

For professionals looking to become Blog Express  project managers, there is often a pull between three primary types of certification in the field. The CAPM, PRINCE2 certification and PMP certification all offer excellent information and training for project management and related careers, but are vastly different in their approach.

So, which one should you choose? It’s important to understand the differences between these certifications and how each may or may not apply to your desired application in order to plan your next educational step and secure the training that is right for you.

Let’s start with a breakdown of the three certifications, and examine the similarities and differences therein. Once you know more about what each certification entails, you can make a more informed decision as to which one is best suited for your needs.


The CAPM or Certified Associate Project Management certificate is one that is awarded as an entry-level certification. This course is best suited to those just beginning their career or seeking their first certification in the field. Individuals with this certification can expect to be set apart from fellow entry-level employees in their field and gain experience that will help them secure better jobs as they move up the ladder. Requiring the fewest hours of committed time, this course is the basic requirement for those looking to advance in the field of project management and who want to make a meaningful contribution to their team.


The PMP or Project Management Professional certification is the gold standard for the industry in much of North America. Taking this course – the longest time commitment of the group – enhances your earning potential dramatically and equips you with myriad management skills as it covers a wider variety of topics than any other course. PMP training enables you to work in nearly any industry, and is a certification that is gaining popularity in parts of Europe and Asia. For most, this is the certification you will be best suited for if you are looking to take the next step in your career as a project management professional.




Administered in the UK but with a growing global presence and value, this certification is process and project based in its approach Providing a greater depth of detail than either of the other certificate options, the PRINCE2 or Projects in Controlled Environments certification offers clear and easy-to-use templates for project management structuring and gives students highly-detailed methodology for using them effectively. This course’s approach to project management holds special favor in parts of Europe and Australia.

Making Your Decision

With a little background info on the available choices for project management certification, it’s easy to see that the selection process is more about narrowing those choices down than simply rolling the dice. Knowing what you want and need as a professional – and what employers in your field are looking for – will enable you to make the best choice for your future.

Worldwide, there are tremendously fewer CAPM certificate holders than those who hold either a PMP certification or PRINCE2 certification. This is likely because CAPM simply has less to offer certificate holders on a professional level. True, many holders of the CAPM certification go on to obtain higher-level certificates, but many do not see the need to invest in one course only to take another, longer course later.

A CAPM is certainly not without value, but while it will allow you to participate in a project, PRINCE2 or PMP training will allow you to lead or manage that project. Those who choose to secure a CAPM certificate typically do so to bolster their resume and add proof of specific skills thereto. For those interested in serious pursuit of project management as a career, this certificate just doesn’t bring enough to the table to be a contender.

Between the remaining selections, two options for further deciding between your options is the comparison of salary potential and the length and difficulty of the tests involved. Let’s look at both.

Potential Salary Comparisons

The potential salaries for both the PMP and PRINCE2 certifications vary drastically depending on several factors, including geographic location, level of experience in addition to education, race, gender and more. Another factor is what type of work is being performed by the certificate holder, be it the duties of a web development specialist or a training professional; every industry offers different opportunities. Although some of these factors are less likely to affect overall earning potential, they should all be considered when examining the varied salaries earned by project management professionals.

  • The average annual wage earned by PRINCE2 certificate holders is between 75k-100k, worldwide.
  • The average annual wage earned by holders of the PMP certificate is approximately 100K, with noticeably less variance.

It should also be noted that the PRINCE2 and PMP certifications are favored in different parts of the world, where the typical salaries and cost of living will vary dramatically, so all factors should be considered as part of the decision-making process.

Testing Guidelines

Some of the differences in the PRINCE2 and PMP certifications lie within the tests, themselves. Variances include:

  • The PMP is a much longer test, clocking in at an allotted four hours, compared to a single hour given for the foundational level of the PRINCE2 exam.
  • However, the PRINCE2 is given in two parts for complete certification.
  • The PMP is entirely multiple choice in format, while the PRINCE2 is part multiple choice, part objective testing.
  • The PMP has fewer prerequisites than the PRINCE in regard to exams passed or finished courses on the subject of project management, specifically.
  • However, the PRINCE2 has no prior work experience requirement, whereas the PMP does.
  • The PMP, an American-based exam, has a hefty fee associated with the test, whereas the PRINCE2 varies drastically in price depending on the region where it is being given.

The Final Word

The ultimate decision in which of the three primary certifications you should elect to pursue lies with you as an individual and a professional Your region may be your deciding factor, or it might be the type of positions you intend to work in. Whatever influences your choice, be sure to research programs in your area, and prepare for your exam with confidence. This is one certificate that’s worth far more than the paper it’s printed on!

Project Management Software

  1. Spreadsheets are the king of task management guide gear because they are the maximum convenient device to use and the maximum frequently used the device. How do they examine to assignment management software? What are the advantages of each and when need to you’re making the switch to task control software? While simplest you could make the willpower as to while you need to make the switch, this article will walk thru the advantages of each and provide a few tips.

Depending on which studies you depend upon, the marketplace for task control software is between $1.5 billion and $3.Five billion. That is for software program this is particularly designed to aid undertaking control. Most organizations that have made substantial efforts in the direction of effective assignment control have recognized that it’s miles very difficult to manipulate a more range of projects and those, or a larger undertaking, with out the help of technology.

Yet there’s no tool for undertaking management that is more famous or giant than the spreadsheet, notwithstanding the truth that spreadsheets aren’t designed to be undertaking assist gear. Even in corporations with a longtime task control tool, spreadsheets are used. There are obvious motives for this. A spreadsheet application is on almost each laptop in each agency, people are acquainted with spreadsheets and how to use them, and those are pre-disposed to use those “office” styles of software program gear to solve problems. And I am right there with them. I love the usage of spreadsheets to music all varieties of facts. It is simple, handy, and I admit ego-boosting to expose off what I can do in a spreadsheet.

With that during thoughts, permit’s examine some of the differences among these extraordinary kinds of tools. For the functions of this text, I decided on six criteria with the aid of which to make the evaluation. These have been selected from the feedback of clients and possibilities as well as studying what’s important for the successful adoption and implementation of challenge equipment within an organization.

Data Mining

Data mining is a large part of project control equipment. The complete motive for having a tool is to acquire statistics, so that you can appearance intelligently at that statistics, make sure your methods are appearing as advertised and make accurate selections. You want to recognize which projects and obligations are slipping through the cracks so that you again react. You want to recognize while you may now not have enough assets to fulfill call for so that you can allocate them properly or manage the demand. You need to recognize which problems are lurking so you can deal with them now earlier than you lose the want of a critical patron. And you need to peer how your processes are working so that you can constantly improve your methods.



In the latest economic system, aggressive panorama, and duty requirements you have to have the information. Managers are becoming blindsided due to the fact they do no longer realize what is coming and what is going on. This is wherein the proper project management software device shines and spreadsheets fade. A suitable venture management device might be database-orientated and ought to permit for one-of-a-kind varieties of advert how reporting throughout multiple tasks. This allows the mining of all sorts of records. You virtually can not try this in a spreadsheet at the same stage. If you honestly, surely realize what you’re doing it is viable to tie spreadsheets together and generate a few incorporated statistics. But that is not the equal component. You honestly can’t, on a whim, mine into the statistics represented on your more than one spreadsheets. And in today’s surroundings, that is seriously essential. Gone are the times whilst not having the right facts is appropriateManagement

Advantage: Project Management Software

Ease of Use

There  venture control software structures that are clean to apply. However, spreadsheets sincerely have a bonus right here. Most human beings are acquainted with a way to use spreadsheets; they’re secure with them or even like the use of them. A big purpose is because spreadsheets haven’t any shape. People aren’t normally “forced” into a way to use them. They are loose to use them but they want. Of course, there’s a disadvantage to this. It may be very hard to standardize a system or have any kind of widespread facts structure whilst there may be no shape in the tool itself. However, from a strict ease of use point of view, spreadsheets can not be beaten.

You can counter this in challenge control software by using properly, applicable, and periodic schooling, keeping your implementation simple, and the usage of allows which include templates. But we will deliver the benefit of this one to spreadsheets.

Advantage: Spreadsheets

Centralized Access

One of the matters that corporations are doing today to end up more competitive and extra green is to provide every person get right of entry to the project facts that they want. Marketing groups are placing all of the facts on line about every purchaser task. Engineering groups are monitoring all schedules and right now identifying problems. Government companies are setting all of the numerous required statistics online with their projects. And on it is going. The price of immediate access to records is profound. An engineer can look at one device and straight away locate the specs he desires. A patron supervisor can music the repute of his purchaser’s initiatives and become aware of troubles early. A professional services supervisor can look up the contract facts and scope of work for a key challenge earlier than answering a question.

Productivity means yielding results, bringing things about, or making matters happen. This sort of centralized gets entry to allows those on the front lines of yielding consequences to realize which movement to take when.

Project control software, particularly online mission management software program, wins this one arm down. Spreadsheets are not designed for access by using a couple of humans from multiple locations. They are designed with an unmarried report / unmarried user scenario in thoughts.

Advantage: Project Management Software

Maintenance and Administration

Time and again, I communicate with groups which are spending an amazing quantity of time keeping spreadsheets. There is a lot time spent on sports due to spreadsheet usage:

Tracking down the proper spreadsheet
Tracking down the right version of the proper spreadsheet
Tracking down the e-mail with the right version of the right spreadsheet
Emailing out the right spreadsheet to the people that do not have it
Tracking down the people who have the facts that is had to replace the spreadsheet
Actually updating the spreadsheet
Maintaining the formulation and formatting of the spreadsheet
Updating the usual format of all the spreadsheets to deal with a “procedure enhancement”
Creating new spreadsheets
And the list is going on. The point is that even as any device will take time to hold, spreadsheets take an inordinate quantity of time due to the fact they’re single-user centered. Only one man or woman can update them at a time. They also take time due to the fact they’re report-primarily based, which means that you need to preserve separate documents. Unless a company is simply true with a procedure to manage those files (the exception now not the rule), the documents tend to be stored in a hodgepodge of places with non-standardized file names and even non-standardized layouts. If you make an effort to look at a number of time humans take to preserve these spreadsheets, you’ll be surprised.

On the flip-facet, mission management software program also takes time to maintain. I can’t say otherwise. It takes time to make sure the data is correct inside the device, that tactics are being accompanied properly, and to truly get information in the device. One of the turn facets of that is that many project management software structures permit the entry of facts via everyone so that one character does no longer ought to both find and input the facts. In this situation, the renovation is extra definitely protection than continual, non-prevent statistics entry.

There are a few approaches to decrease the quantity of renovation and time spent on assignment control software program structures, and these are targeted at the initial setup. If you setup the gadget well, the maintenance time is decreased. Using gadgets which include templates and pre-setup reviews absolutely help to limit the quantity of time spent on the tool.

While both kinds of equipment require time, a good setup project control software program machine honestly has the brink over spreadsheets.

Advantage: Project Management SoftwareSoftware


Flexibility in this context refers back to the potential of the tool to evolve on your methods. In practicality, this refers to things including being able to track any form of information odd in your agency (i.E. Adding fields), or implementing a new task template.

This is a harder characteristic to measure, especially with the variation in assignment management software gear. Many gears are very rigid, meaning what you spot is what you get. Some equipment has come to be extra flexible and permit a superb deal of adaptability – consisting of being able to adapt screens and records structures. This has ended up more and more crucial.

It is hard to carry out a direct evaluation because it actually depends on the undertaking management software device that you are evaluating, however, in truth, many systems will not be as bendy as a spreadsheet. In a spreadsheet, you may create a new column or row on a whim or create a modern day spreadsheet to track new records. Obviously, there may be a drawback to this flexibility, specifically the problem in standardizing a procedure. However, from a strict observer flexibility, we have to give spreadsheets the nod. But I caution you to check your undertaking management software program device for flexibility and do your own evaluation.

Advantage: Spreadsheets

Resource Allocation and Forecasting

This is just like statistics mining, however, it’s so vital that it gets its personal billing. The management of which assets are assigned to which initiatives and tasks are an essential component of assignment control and one of the large differences between spreadsheets and assignment management software program.

There are three important portions to ensure true and control. These consist of:

A properly work breakdown structure (break out of the responsibilities in a venture)
A desirable estimation of the attempt (no longer duration) to be expended on every task (and as a result undertaking)
A composite view of this records throughout all tasks
Because of the unmarried-report consciousness of spreadsheets, an excellent venture control software program system must win this arms down. A properly gadget will offer views and reviews with perception into aid allocation so you can view issues and do future forecasting. That isn’t always to mention that you can not do that with spreadsheets however it is tough at nice and you need to have a very, superb setup.

Advantage: Project Management Software

Final Thoughts

Only you could determine the proper tool to your organization. Certainly the usage of spreadsheets is higher than the usage of clearly nothing. They do have value, and they may be a very good fit for a few businesses. However, accurate, challenge management software (mainly business enterprise-stage) absolutely has the gain for the following styles of businessesdevice

Organizations with more than a handful of projects to control
Organizations with extra than a handful of human beings operating on or dealing with tasks
Organizations with huge or complicated projects
Spreadsheets are normally used due to comfort. However, convenience isn’t a high-quality motive to use a device that supports your crucial processes. Be positive that you pick and use a device that adds to the efficiency and productivity of your humans and strategies, and now not the other manner round. This will some distance outweigh the benefits of comfort.

While spreadsheets do have multiple inherent blessings, along with a natural ease of use and versatility, you can hire nice practices to decrease any downside to task control software. For instance, use templates as tons as viable, simplify displays as much as viable, file clean tactics, attention on those strategies in preference to functions, offer accurate training, and create excellent, relevant reports. Combining this with the inherent blessings in mission control software will assist to create efficiencies, increase productiveness and useful resource usage, and to end up extra aggressive.