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Zuckerberg meets with Samsung to discuss all things mobile

Zuckerberg meets with Samsung

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently made a quick stop by the Samsung office in Seoul, Korea, which has sent the rumour mills working overtime about a potential partnership between the two companies.

According to a Bloomberg report, Samsung’s president Shin Jong Kyun stopped by to inform reporters that the two discussed the state of the IT industry, as well as potential partnerships. Zuckerberg did not answer any questions.

Zuckerberg and Facebook have an 'at will' relationship

Cozying up to Samsung?

While some reports suggest that Zuckerberg and Samsung discussed mobile-ad revenues, Korea Herald has claimed that the Facebook honcho has asked the mobile manufacturers for a “Facebook Phone”.

Before you start dreaming about a real Facebook phone – and not a Facebook launcher – hold your horses. Sources have suggested that Samsung does not want to step of its comfort zone and build a phone for the world’s largest social network. The Korean company sees no real symbolic or monetary significance in this mythical phone. “Samsung doesn’t want to help nurture a second Google, which is now becoming a formidable rival for Samsung in the handset business,” said watchers to the publication.

Zuckerberg has claimed that Facebook is turning into a mobile company. With Facebook Home and the launch of a “Facebook phone” with HTC First, Zuckerberg’s dream of his social network capturing the evolving market was set in motion. The gamble hasn’t exactly paid off and these products have been met with much criticism, but it’s a start for the Facebook honcho. Pushing advertisements and more products on the mobile side of the Internet are still on Zuckerberg’s mind and that probably explains this meeting with Samsung.