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YouTube for iOS and Android gets video suggestion overlays

YouTube for iOS and Android

YouTube has updated its app for both iOS and Android with InVideo Programming and Call-to-action overlays for content creators. These tweaks aim to make watching videos on YouTube a better experience for both viewers and creators.

First up is the InVideo Programming tool that YouTube is bringing from the web to mobile applications. The feature shows a small screen within your video screen, which prompts you to check out another video. YouTube content creators can use this tool to get users to check out another video from their channels, driving viewership numbers up.

Here's how the suggestion will look on Android

Here’s how the suggestions will look on Android

The InVideo Programming feature will soon be available on the mobile website too. What’s great about this feature is that creators need not go through settings again to select what videos show up in the small screen. The videos selected by them on the desktop version of the service will show up on the mobile version too.

Call-to-action overlays are going to make content creators really happy. Uploaders can use these overlays to share more information about their video to raise interest for their channels or their websites. These overlays are currently available for advertisers in AdWords for videos, but YouTube says that it is working towards making it available for all channels later this year.

The app update also brings along with it closed captions for live streams and several stability improvements, including fix for app crashes. You can get hold of YouTube for Android from the Play Store and for iOS from the App Store.