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Yahoo for Android review:

Yahoo for Android

The good: The latest version of the Yahoo app for Android gives options for viewing just headlines or visual news. Full-screen images with text overlays look great while you browse.

The bad: You can only get a personalized news feed by connecting your Facebook account. No landscape mode.

The bottom line: More than just a news app, Yahoo stands out for its customization and search tools.

Editors’ note: As this app is essentially the same as Yahoo for iOS, this review mostly duplicates our review of the iOS version.

The Yahoo app is focused on the latest headlines, bringing more personalization to your news feed, quick summaries for easy reading, and good-looking article pages with photo backdrops. The Android version and the iOS version sport the same attractive interface.

This is not the app you’re going to use to check your e-mail or access most of the other services that Yahoo provides, but what the app does well is bring you the latest news in an intuitive layout.

You have the option to view headlines in a clean list if that is your preference, but the app also features a visual view of the news. The clean list is great for quickly scanning headlines, and you can pull down the list to refresh. By hitting the menu button in the upper left, you can flip a switch to turn the visual news feature on. The results reminded me immediately of the full-screen images in the Google+ app feed, but Yahoo places both the headline and a brief summary of the story over the lead image. The brief summaries are made by Summly, a company Yahoo acquired in March (read more about Summly here).

The app uses parallax scrolling to make the headlines scroll slightly faster than the background image to give the news feed a feeling of depth. It may sound distracting, but Yahoo has done a good job of making the summaries stand out against the photo backdrops, giving it a certain elegance while you swipe through the headlines. One thing worth mentioning is that the app doesn’t work in landscape mode.





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