Xiaomi Mi CC9e May Launch As Android One Mi A3 Outside China

A new Xiaomi phone has popped up within the FCC database. The tool incorporates the model’s wide variety M1906F9SH, and it appears to be an Android One device. Interestingly, the FCC version number is equal to the one for the new Mi CC9e, which changed into launched in China this month. In the past, Xiaomi has rebranded devices launched in China as Android One devices in different regions. This leads us to trust that the Mi CC9e may virtually be released as Mi A3 outside China.

Xiaomi Mi CC9e May Launch As Android One Mi A3 Outside China 1

The schematics with the FCC depict a device that appears just like Xiaomi MiCC9e. Xiaomi’s new CC lineup is aimed toward younger human beings and could be a web different. A nearer appearance exhibits an Android One logo at the lower back and a twin SIM variant for the approaching device. Meanwhile, we’ve encountered numerous Mi A3 rumors this year and the FCC filing recommendations at an upcoming Mi A3 release outdoor China.

The FCC also info the size of the tool in question, and once again, this matches the Mi CC9e dimensions (153mm x 71mm). The subsequent piece of proof is quite convincing. The Mi CC9e Weibo snapshots show a codename “laurel sprout.” Moreover, the tool has in advance seemed on the Geekbench list with the “Laurus” codename. The folks at XDA Developers agree that Android One devices include a “sprout” introduced to its codename. This is but every other reason to trust that Xiaomi is launching the CC9e with Android One outside China.

As stated earlier, Xiaomi has released Android One variations of more than one gadget. The Mi 5X turned into launched as Mi A1 in other markers while the Mi 6X arrived as Mi A2 in India. Furthermore, the Ting virtual network’s IMEI database already lists a cellular with M1906F9SC as Xiaomi Mi A3.

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