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How to Write an Article That Attracts Readers

Let’s start with the basic terms for article writing. The first thing to note is to have a proper understanding of the terms ‘keyword’ and ‘keyword Density’. Keywords are those prominent terms used in your article body which helps an average person to search his relevant material on the net. Inserting maximum number of keywords won’t alone help you. The important thing is to make a proper use of the keywords in the title and article body. This helps you in the operation of SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process of increasing traffic to your website by having a high ranking placement in the search results of any search engine.

On the other hand, Keyword Density is basically a percentage of the keywords used in the article body. An optimal keyword density is 5 which mean to use a specific keyword 5 times in an article with about 500 words. Keep in mind the following five points where the keyword is supposed to be used

  • In the very beginning of the title
  • Once in the first paragraph
  • Once in the last paragraph
  • Twice in the remaining article body

Step by Step Article Writing Tutorial

Step I

Creative content writing is not merely an article stuffed with interesting facts, but professionalism enriched work is an equally important factor when learning about article writing.

Step II

Article writing is not a vague thought to be sketched on a paper with aimless writing. It is important to allot an appropriate topic to your content, and then narrow down your research work to prepare a quality enriched article.

Step III

Every article is a piece of unique content, each having its own unique topic. Hence, every article is different, and so should be the writing tone. As per a writing related post published on, the tone of article writing is directly proportional to the target audience reading that content. For instance, if your article is based upon makeup and accessories, it spontaneously clicks your mind with women being your target audience. Hence, a conversational as well as persuading tone will be used to converse with your target audience from the beginning to the end of the article.

Article Writing Tips

  • Try to grab the attention of the reader by beginning the article with a question
  • Article must have an introductory paragraph in the beginning and a perfect conclusion at the end.
  • Make headings and sub-headings in your article body
  • Use bullet points to make yourself clear
  • Article should be well researched and original

Lastly, all the work should be totally original and you are not supposed to copy a single thing from any website or other resource material, as all the clients possess software called Copyscape, and several other plagiarism checkers to keep a check on the duplicity of content. If you got charged with duplicate content or plagiarism, then it will not only result in the termination of the assignment but will also ruin your reputation as an article writer in the long run.