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X The WordPress Theme Review

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Do you know that a spectacular, user friendly, charismatic and a stunning theme can do wonders in the overall presentation of your blog? Well, yes is the most obvious answer and in order to popularize your blog even further, “X” the ultimate wordpress theme has made it easy. Since, it offers loads of option to choose from various exotic, innovative and unique designs.

An overview of X WordPress Theme

Stacks – The popularity of the theme lies in its easiness to operate and work. It has a single theme of its own and consists of multiple designs which are termed to be as the “Stacks” and all of the designs are unique to each other. Presently, as part of its continuous and ever increasing feature, you will get three stacks in X. Hence, you are assured of getting access to various new themes on continuous basis.


Well, how many times has it happened that you have simply marveled at a site just because the design has created a long lasting impression in you? In short you were dearly moved by the crafted design which speaks volumes about the beauty. The best thing about X theme is that it comes with clean lines which doesn’t make it too flashy and it further helps towards maintaining the freshness of the website as well.


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As a user, you can use whopping 600 free Google Fonts and all of them gets dynamically loaded which gives way to a satisfying and awesome functional experience. In order to enhance the overall site experience, you can adjust colors, size, capitalization, spaces between the letters etc. Isn’t it great?

Customizer (Live editing)

The developers of X theme worked their way into developing a sophisticated WordPress’s inbuilt customizer by facilitating people with the power to preview all changes totally live and you don’t need to switch windows or refresh the browser again as well.

Advantages of the theme

  • Making a business site? Use the theme and give wings to your dream of succeeding with every passing day
  • It also comes with dark version
  • The theme accomplishes all the purpose as well


Do you want to create a specific layout according to your taste? If yes, is your answer then there are primarily 40 stellar shortcodes which gives you the luxury to build any sort of layout according to your creativity level. Custom built plugin has included all the shortcodes.

Responsive Design

You can run X theme any where be it your desktop, Smartphone or laptop. Hence, viewing the theme from any where isn’t synonymous with uneasiness any more.

X The WordPress Theme  (1)

The utility of X theme can be gauged from the fact that its developers have come up with this highly developed theme after consulting various industry experts. The developers minutely observe the pros and corns and include the best things from every where in order to make the theme top notch. Therefore, the theme is complete in every respect be it design, features etc. In short X is a theme which accomplishes the desires and aims of people with high expectation since it is indeed capable of doing the same as well.