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Wondershare TunesGo Phone Manager Review

For the iOS users, iTunes is the giant software which deals with all sort of data and media management. The iTunes is the one stop solution for all iOS users when it comes to transferring data or media files between your iOS device and the computer. But sometimes it a real pain to rely on a single source and many times when iTunes itself doesn’t recognize your phone or iOS device, then you are left with complete hopelessness and misguidance.


To rescue you out of the situation and doing all your purpose, we have the name of another cool yet powerful software package. Wondershare TunesGo is the software which was built completely to help the users of iOS devices and relieve the dependency on iTunes. The makers say that it is even more powerful than iTunes itself and can do much more things which even iTunes is not compatible with. With TunesGo, you can transfer media and stuff across all your iOS devices, and it can even convert the media files to iOS supported format. TunesGo is available with name KeepVid Music as well in the market. So don’t get confused!

TunesGo is available for both Mac as well Windows users. Here is the download link for the software. The flexibilities of the TunesGo stand it ahead of the iTunes, but it doesn’t mean that it completely shadows the iTunes. If you are using the software on Windows operating system, then you will be getting two additional functional modules namely “Explorer” and “Information” which are not available in the Mac version.

Here is the complete list of functional modules, what TunesGo has to offer:

1. Home: When you have started the TunesGo and haven’t connected any device, then in the home tab it will prompt you to connect your device via USB cable that comes along with your phone as an accessory. On the same tab, it lists down all supported device versions whether it is for Android or iOS.


After you connect your device, it looks like


As soon as you connect your device, you will see four quick single-click options for your device. The options are, “Rebuild iTunes Library”, “Transfer iTunes Media to Device”, “Backup Photos to PC” and Phone to Phone Transfer respectively.


2. Music: Music tab lists all your music and playlists which are available on your device. From here you can create custom playlists or can even add more music to your device. It lists all music from iTunes U, podcasts or even audio books.


3. Videos: Videos tab is somewhat similar to music tab where you can see all your multimedia content which is a video format and which is distributed among various categories of Music Videos, Home Videos, TV shows, iTunes U, and Podcasts. You can manage all your video stuff from here.


4. Photos: Photos tab will put all your photos or snapshots in a good looking grid view. Being in thumbnail view by default, it displays you the content of each image file. Photos are listed in Camera Roll, Photo Library, My photo stream, and Photos shared. Apart from listing the photos and giving you the accessibility to add or remove photos, you can even create custom GIFs out of your photos, which iTunes definitely is not capable of doing.


5. Information: Information tab is the added advantage for the Windows users because it can’t be seen in the Mac version of the TunesGo. The information tab displays all your contacts and SMS data. From here you can backup your SMS and contacts. Apart from your device contacts, you can even see your contacts stored in various locations like iCloud, Yahoo, Google account also. You can add more contacts and can even remove the duplicate ones.


6. Apps: View and manage all your apps currently installed on your device. From the menu itself, you can uninstall the ones not required. Install new applications from the app store and export multiple apps in a single batch.


7. Explorer: Like the “Information” tab, “Explorer” is only available on the Windows version. Your files are listed in the categories of phone and udisk hence you can use your phone as udisk as well.


8. Toolbox: Toolbox is a complete package of multiple utilities listed under one name. You get the options to rebuild iTunes library, transfer from iTunes library to device, single click root and gif maker. Mac users get “fix iOS/iPod” as an added feature from the Mac users.


One of the great features TunesGo offers is that you can connect multiple devices at once and super toggle button at the top left corner enables you to switch between connected devices. You can connect Android as well as iOS devices altogether.

1. What All TunesGo Can do:

2. Rebuild iTunes Library

3. Transfer iTune Media to device

4. Backup Photos to PC

5. Phone to Phone Transfer

Here we are going to elaborate how can you transfer music between Android device to Computer and vice versa.

Transfer Music between Android Device and Computer

TunesGo makes music transfer seamless and effortless with pretty easy and simple GUI. You can transfer music from iPhone to PC, iPad to PC, iPad to iPod, iPhone to iTunes. TunesGo is compatible with Android devices as well, and you get all those file and media management facilities for Android as well.

Computer to Android:

1. Connect your device: Connect your Android device to the computer using USB cable and on the “Home” tab you will see quick one touch options.


2. Select Music Tab: From the top list of tabs, switch to “Music” and you will see all your music which is presently available on your device. To add new music, click on “+add” button and you will get the option to select music as files of a complete folder.


Clicking on Add Files will open a dialogue box as shown below:


This will allow you to browse your computer for the required files. By right clicking on the files, you can even create the playlist of the selected tracks and the whole collection will be listed as a playlist on your device. Drag and drop also work well for adding music to your device from computer or laptop.

Android to Computer: Once you see your music files listed under “Music” tab, you can select multiple files and click on “Export to PC.” It will then ask you to provide the destination folder for the export, and all your selected files will be exported to your PC.


How it is to use TunesGo.

Using TunesGo is pretty simple to use, and the great part is you have got full control of your Android and iOS devices from a single software program. As complete software, it is much more than just music or files transfer software because you can even create a backup of your stuff and fix system issues for iOS devices.