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WixStores – The perfect e-Commerce site builder!

Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise, if you want to grow from strength to strength, then you need to have an online store. People are looking for convenience and for that if they need to pay a bit extra, they won’t hesitate.

As a merchant this is the best time to be online. If you want, then you can go for free shipping, otherwise you can charge your customers for that too. Your customers won’t complain as long as they are receiving the things they have ordered without any damage. Now that you know the importance of an online store, the next big question is who will be helping you in designing a visually appealing online store! There are several out there, but not all can perform as per expectation. But, WixStores is different. It will help you in creating a beautiful store and also provide all of the tools needed in order to manage it as well.

Perfect tool for the small business owner!

If you are the owner of a small business and have been looking for a tool that will help you in designing your own store online, then your search has come to an end with WixStores. This is especially true if you cannot afford an expert website designer and all the available free website builders don’t perform per your expectation. In this situation WixStores is the perfect solution that will help you in organizing new products, setup payment options, add new products, coupons, and also help in tracking orders. It also helps in setting up the tax and shipping rates.

Most small business owners think that when they go online, they lose contact with their customer base, but that is not true at all. You can always stay connected with your customer base no matter where you are. If you are online, you can send them newsletters or an automated email can be setup as well. So, every time they make some purchase the automated email will be sent to them thanking them for making the purchase. In order to bring back old customers or to welcome new customers, discount coupons can be issued on your behalf to keep their interest level going.

Taking advantage of the innumerous features

If you are wondering how this will help you with your online store, then you can be rest assured that they offer tons of amazing tools to help take great care of your store. We all are aware of the fact that there is a huge number of users who make use of their smartphones and tablets to browse through websites, so in order to catch hold of them you also need to make your website mobile optimized and WixStores does just that and much more. Product images are made available along with descriptions, pages and galleries. You can also upload your product videos to pull in customers. Stunning templates are there to help you in deciding which one will be perfect for your online store. The more payment methods are made available for the users the better it is for your store and WixStores will help you in this department as well. The payment options offered by WixStores are PayPal, credits cards, and offline payments.

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