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With the new Apple TV4, Learn how to access Netflix from anywhere

Apple – one of the biggest companies in the world manufactures a premium product which is a digital media player and a micro-console called the Apple TV 4. The all new Apple TV 4 is the latest iteration of their product series and is cherished by all of the Apple fans. Priced at 16k INR (Approx) – this maybe one of the main products of Apple in the future. It also has WiFi enabled, so streaming is at ease. It plays content from either Windows or OSX if iTunes is installed in either. The 4th generation Apple TV was unveiled on September 09 2015.

So now that we have an awesome device to stream video content via american netflix on apple tv 4 , we need content to stream to it. Most of the English movies, sitcoms, series, soaps at available at online streaming websites. Most of these websites are not legal in most of the countries. However, Netflix, Hulu and a little other streaming websites are legal ways to stream video content into your devices. Again, the problem is these services are not available outside of the United States of America. One needs a Proxy network or a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which acts as a tunnel to access these services outside the US.

Most of these proxy services are not trustable, nor are they free. But there’s an exception to anything in this world. In this case, the most trustable, affordable and safe proxy service(s) is provided by Smart DNS Proxy. This highly trustable proxy network is completely affordable, as their services start from just 4$/month. Do note that you don’t even need a credit card when you sign up! For every plan at Smart DNS Proxy, you get a free trial for 14 days. Subscriptions which are renewed annually come up with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Smart DNS Proxy provides access to 133 Video and Music streaming services in 32 countries – of course Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer are included in this list. The privacy policy and Terms of Use of this service can be looked upon here. One of the interesting things I found at Smart DNS Proxy, is that it has access is granted to UNLIMITED number of devices. Smart DNS Proxy is also proved to be faster than VPN services. The DNS results were extremely convincing. Users can take advantage of the 14 day free trial to check out the speeds for themselves. clip_image002


You also don’t have to worry about setting up this service to unblock websites. The Smart DNS Proxy website has a separate page named “Setup” for ease of use for their customers. Regarding support of this service, it’s definitely top notch! The customers can contact support from the company via two ways. One is via live chat, and other is via email. I’ve found that live chat is more effective than email, that however is a personal preference by you (the customers). Another interesting thing about Smart DNS Proxy is that unlike its competitors, Smart DNS Proxy doesn’t have a windows client. The user can watch the blocked website without having to change any settings.

We definitely did like the service provided by them, I guess it is time for you to check it out yourself, do let us know if you have any queries.