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Window Treatments Make an Impact in 2014

With 2014 blowing into the spring season, consumers are looking to brighten their indoor spaces with florals and pastel colors. One area that’s often overlooked is the window treatments.

Seasons come and go, but lackluster vertical blinds too often remain in place. You can change the entire feel of a room by adding strategic window treatments that direct light indoors, and spring 2014 is a great time to consider some of the newest trends in the interior design industry.

Let the light in

With urban growth pushing more people into cramped spaces, it’s tempting simply to close heavy blinds and maintain your privacy. But 2014 has ushered in the use of beautiful sheer linens to allow light indoors without giving access to prying eyes.

Look for limousine cloth that’s durable, yet sheer, for light penetration. It’s a thin wool material that lasts for years. Use it strategically next winter as well, for sunlight warmth that keeps plants nourished while keeping your home warm.

Layer it

A room looks larger, and more stylish, with a layered window treatment design. Consider installing patterned blinds inside the window frames. Lower them slightly to block piercing sunlight while pulling a sheer drape across the remaining window space for privacy.

Flank the windows with drapes that block the entire window at night when you need to rest. Homeowners now have a distinct look that can extend into the room to match colors, patterns, and textures.

Patterns make it shine

For a while, people viewed patterns as a throwback to the 1970s, but they’re making a comeback in eclectic designs that will appeal to almost any taste. Add drapes with a pattern that covers the entire textile, or select an accent drape with a patterned band.

Regardless of the selection, a pattern draws your eye to the window, and highlights the view outdoors. If you select a banded design, the room may appear to grow taller. A visual trick occurs when a vertical band forces the eyes up to the ceiling, which can accent vaulted architecture, for example.

Soften heavy drapes

2014 is not about dramatic brown or black drapes. Select a light color, such as gray or beige, when you choose drapes as a treatment option.

To soften the look of the window, an inverted box pleat design is recommended. At the drapes’ connection point with the rod, square pleats form the attachment instead of pinched designs. The resulting look is relaxed, yet neat.

Bring nature indoors

Because spring is just around the corner, take a page from the top designers in 2014 and bring nature indoors. Fun linens may have butterflies, flowers, and other garden favorites printed on them. Textiles that have an earthy feel, such as a green or beige hue, create a connection between the outdoors and your indoor space.

Even wood shades can be used with sheer drapes to create a natural look in your living room or other primary space.

Interior design for 2014 follows a more natural line of colors and patterns. From birds on linens to layered window treatments, a home can be updated quickly with less expense, for a brilliant year ahead.