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Ranktrader has been making strides since the platform launched more than a year and a half ago. Apparently, a lot of webmasters got on board during the beta phase, and there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the product, but many website owners are still unaware of this exciting new opportunity.

Like everything else on the Internet, I gave the promotional releases a cursory glance before moving on to something else. Repeated ads caught my attention, so I decided to investigate, although I was a bit sceptical. Make money and build traffic just by trading “virtual” shares? Say it isn’t so.

I’ve taken immense pride in my ability to spot online scams. Money making schemes abound on the Internet, as you well know. But I proceeded to sign up on Ranktrader, all the while thinking that I could just as easily unsubscribe if it didn’t pan out. Signing up and listing my site in the marketplace was simple enough. The marketplace contains a nice mix of up-and-coming and authority websites, so I felt I was in superb company when I listed my site.

In the last 18 months, numerous affiliates saw their empires come crashing down. Google algorithm updates have changed the face of Internet Marketing – forever. Making money on the Internet is not as simple as it used to be.

While RankTrader is not a short-cut to wads of cash, it’s definitely a way to increase your website traffic and earn money by selling virtual website shares. And the income earning potential provides even more incentive to get on board.

How to earn money on Ranktrader?

Webmasters earn money when they submit their sites and make a public offering to sell virtual shares on the market. Virtual shares, or vShares, do not give investors control of your website. The only way you’ll attract loads of investors is to ensure your site has all the ingredients of a profitable website.

What are the other benefits?

If you’re not thrilled at the thought of earning passive income, there are some other tools that might get you excited about Ranktrader. Ranktrader’s RT Analytics is comparable to Google Analytics. You can also track your SEO and compare your site to other sites in the marketplace. The developers are still hard at work to include other tools, including a bank module to accept payments.

Join RankTrader

Why I endorse RankTrader It’s refreshing to find a tool on the Internet that does exactly what it promises. No other website delivers as much. Where can you find a website that will let you do the following?

1) Promote your site and make money from your brand.

2) Suggest a marketing game community to its readers.

3) Increase your website traffic from users within the Ranktrader community.

4) Use free tools to check your site’s statistics.

RankTrader is better than any affiliate program because it lets you promote your brand and encourage your readers to share your brand with their own communities.

Ranktrader uses RankBot to reward new webmasters on automatic, and there’s no reason not to give it a try today.

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