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Why Your Smartphone Should Be The First Thing You Pack For Vacation

When asked what the one thing is that you could not live without, or what the one thing is you’d want to have on a deserted island with you, many people would answer “smartphone.” There is a very logical reason for this.

It’s not just about the fact that many people are addicted to technology. No, there is something more to it. People know the benefits of their smartphone. It offer a way to be connected and a way to find the things that you need and want, without being at a computer or flipping page to page through a book.

These are the same reasons why your smartphone should be one thing you ensure you do not forget when it comes to heading off on a vacation trip. Here are five reasons you will want to take your phone along with you.

In Case Of Emergency

Your smartphone is a safety net. You can not only contact emergency services when you see an accident, or have an accident, but you can also use it to look up first aid information in case of a minor emergency.

One study showed that in a 30 day period, 19 percent of the smartphone users used their phone for emergency purposes. That may not seem like much, but consider what it was like when the only way you could make a call on the road was from a payphone!


You Don’t Have To Get Lost

Nearly all smartphones come equipped with a GPS system these days. While GPS tracker comes in handy in emergencies as well, like emergency responders track your phone’s location, it can also help you track your own location.

If you have a smartphone you no longer need to worry about getting lost. Just tell it where you want to go and you will get turn by turn directions to your destination.

Stay In Touch

You know when you are having a blast on your vacation you’re going to want to share some of that joy with friends, and having a phone lets you do that. Get on Facebook and message them or shoot them an email with a photo of you enjoying the sun and sand.

However, be cautious of what your are sharing on social media when you are away from home. Telling people you are away could lead to a break in and theft of your home, which would be quick to ruin that vacation enjoyment.

Save A Little Money

Your smartphone can save you money in a lot of ways. Not only does it allow you to go sans camera on your trip, because you can take great photos with your phone’s camera, but it also allows you to save money.

How? You can download coupons or sign up for apps that have coupons and discount codes for your favorite restaurants and more. You can find coupons through apps or online through your phone for discounts on nearly anything.