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Why You Should Shop For Organic Meats

It doesn’t seem to matter how many people say that organic food is better for you, there will still be the people that will argue against it. They’ll argue that just because it costs more doesn’t mean it’s better for you (you do get what you pay for).

Whether or not organic food has mystical magical powers that can heal the body, reverse illness, and make you a healthier happier person isn’t the point though. The point is that organic meats and other organic foods are more environmentally friends, as well as being good for you.

Hormone And Antibiotic Free

Let’s start with one of those health reasons of why you should choose organic meat. Organic meat isn’t pumped full of antibiotics, because they don’t need to be. They aren’t in overpopulated cages where they get sick and disease spreads like wildfire.

They also aren’t pumped with hormones. Sure, hormones may give you bigger cuts of meat, but Americans are already eating far more protein than they need, so cutting back on your portions of meat is actually a good thing.

You’re Buying Happier Meat

It’s a proven fact that if an animal is stressed when it is slaughtered it can alter the meat. You’ll get a tougher cut of meat from a stressed cow. That’s why you want to buy meat from happy animals that were raised cage free or free range.

Organic meat usually means that the animals was either raised in a fenced area large enough to prevent over-crowding or they at least had some time loose to roam free and enjoy life and natural snacks from the earth.

You’re Promoting Local And Small Farming

Small farms do more to be green, like using their manure to grow their garden or finding other uses for it in composting. They also help the environment by not using pesticides and insecticides. They know that there are more natural ways in which to keep bugs away, and that some bugs are actually beneficial.

The money you spend on organic products at local stores and local farmer’s markets can help put money back into your own local area. If you are buying organics from somewhere else you can still be sure that you are doing something good for yourself and the rest of the environment.

Just like anything advertised as being healthy or better for the environment, there will always be people that say there is no way organic can be better, or that organic farmers still treat animals poorly, or they still use pesticides. If you shop local, take some time to visit the organic farms in your area and see what goes on behind the scenes. If they are a good farm they probably won’t have any problem taking you on a tour.