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Why You Should Be Locking Your Doors

If you live in a small town where everyone knows everyone, it’s pretty likely that a simple trip to the grocery store will have you leaving your home unlocked and even your car unlocked. No thoughts of theft or robbery in your mind, you don’t even take time to consider the thousands of dollars worth of items in your home that could easily be taken, or the fact that you don’t have a car insurance policy that covers vehicle theft.

So, maybe you’ve been leaving your door unlocked for years and no one has stolen anything from you in all that time. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen. And, what is the point in having locks on things if you aren’t going to use them?

Locking Your Home

While there may be no way to prove whether your home door was locked or unlocked in the case of a robbery, why risk it? While they say a locked door will only stop an honest thief, it makes sense to at least make them work for what they want.

You should be taking precautions aside from locks when it comes to protecting your home and your belongings. That could mean having a safe for jewelry and guns, or other important things. It definitely means have homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance, to cover the items that do get stolen.

Depending on the general area you live in, you may also want to consider having some sort of security system installed, This can scare potential thieves away, and even protect your family in case of a break in while you’re at home.

Locking Your Business

Since theft and robbery don’t always happen in businesses when they are closed, simply insuring your business can be a big help. If you are open in an extra sketchy area it might be wise to have metal detectors set up, not just to keep people from walking out with stolen merchandise, but to know if someone walks in with a weapon.

When your business is closed, it makes sense that you would lock up, and depending on what’s in your business you’ll probably even set a security system. It’s just wise to protect your assets.

Locking Your Car

When it comes to an unlocked car and theft, things may be a little different than your home insurance policy. If your car gets stolen with the keys in the ignition, your insurance may or may not cover it. It could all depend on the area in which your car was parked.

However, stolen items out of your vehicle could be another story, if there’s no way to detect whether or not your vehicle had been locked. But things like smashed windows and damaged locks are good proof that your vehicle had been locked.