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Why Should My Kid Play Mathematics Games?

Why Should My Kid Play Mathematics Games?

” My little Ashley is a small boy; he needs to be having fun with cars, not mathematics games, for heaven’s sake! “

Well, madam you happen to be half right, but you’re over fifty percent wrong in my opinion. Allow me to explain: kids start school at six or seven years old (grade 1) and remain in the education and learning system until they are usually 18 years old (grade 12), that is some twelve years that they’re going to encounter mathematics, and many won’t make the grade! Only 43, 6% of Grade 12 enrollees passed mathematics in the year 2011. Of those that do make the grade at high school level, 60% are considered to be numeracy illiterate in their first year at college or university.

So, many students selecting to study any science based course in their university career, are highly unlikely to finish the degree in the prescribed time, many taking almost double the time, in the event the University say yes to let them work at that pace otherwise they merely disappear from the system . This grubby picture is the consequence of poor teaching skills in mathematics in school, and less so on account of not having an aptitude for maths. Mathematics is based on principles, which form the building blocks of mathematics. If your kid was not shown the principles of mathematics from the inception, by the time that child reaches grade 7 (high school) it is almost too late to expect the kid to do well at maths, specifically if the teaching skills are lacking at that level. There are absolutely great math teachers around that obtain wonderful results through their teaching efforts, but those teachers are a very rare species in our education system an and clearly too few learners go through their hands.
Well, madam perhaps you are getting the picture why I don’t agree with your perspective regarding little Johnny? It is our duty as a parent in the first instance to see that our kids are properly informed and equipped to successfully attend and finish University. If we can help with that by letting little Johnny play mathematics games it is our obligation to do so, as it is to permit our youngsters to take extra maths classes should we even imagine that they may possess any problems with the subject. Games are a friendly and fun solution to learn – take a look at any kid or puppy and you will be very much convinced. We as older people are no less so inclined. What we enjoy, we tend to do well at. Start playing mathematics games with your kids at an early age and persist until well into their school careers in establishing the concepts of mathematics. So many mothers and fathers say they can’t help their children with mathematics – well here is your opportunity of learning with your kid, actively playing mathematical games.
Madam, much like the good parent that you are, I am sure you would want to change your opening remarks and afford little Johnny the opportunity for playing mathematic games and become statistically and otherwise thriving, rather than be part of the stats as defined above?

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