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Why Homeowners Need Casters

When furniture casters are used in residential environments, families complete each task quicker. Throughout the process, they never have to worry about major injuries or serious accidents.

Casters Prevent Back and Knee Injuries

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, back sprains often occur when people lift heavy items improperly. While lifting all movements should be preformed slowly to prevent muscle strain. If you’re unable to follow this step, casters that are designed specifically for furniture are worth considering. After the casters are in place, you’ll be able to move your furniture easily without using any muscles in your back.

When a back injury occurs, various joints and muscles in the knee are usually affected as well. Many knee injuries happen since most people lift heavy furniture while are feet aren‘t positioned properly. Casters prevent knee-related injuries during furniture moving tasks. During the toughest situations, the wheels will glide effortless over tile and carpeting.

Casters Help Families Avoid Home Damage

During intense lifting situations, accidents often happen when movers lose their grip and stumble into residential objects. If you’d like to put your furniture in a new location in the safest possible manner, you should roll everything by using casters. The process of steering a long sofa through narrow halls isn’t a hassle because caster wheels rotate and change directions very easily.

How to Use the Casters

If you want to prevent injuries and protect every object in your home, you must learn how to secure casters on the furniture. Post caster wheels should be installed underneath a sofa or chair in a corner. These casters are very decorative, so you can put them on your most elegant sofas and chairs. If you have slightly old furniture, screw-on casters can be used instead since they’re not very decorative. Screw-on casters are manufactured with a flat plate and rubber wheels. The installation process is simple because they have a mechanism that holds the components securely in place.

When homeowners put casters on their furniture, they spend less time tackling various moving tasks. All casters have unique decorative elements, so try to select a product that matches your furniture’s design.