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Which Mobile Phone Spy App Will Help You the Most?

Your mind would have been spinning by now if you were researching on the potential mobile phone spy app that you’d want to use on your kids or employees’ phones. I had almost an identical dilemma when I made my decision some two years from hundreds of such apps, I chose one and I’m glad to make that choice !


What Choice Did I make?

I talked to God knows how many tech experts and read all the reviews I could on any mobile phone spy app  that I could find out. After what seemed like eternity, I narrowed down my research to one and headed for Stealthmate. I knew it’s not going to be a wrong decision because I had talked to many experts on the topic and they all were positive about Stealthmate.

How It Helped Me Create a Difference?

I still use it and I’m glad that I chose it. Since most parents or employers won’t have that kind of time, I’m sure Stealthmate will work for many. Since I read about spy apps a lot, naturally I had a very high standard set. And I knew about the possible pitfalls way before I bought Stealthmate.

The Features I Love!

As I got along with Stealthmate, I found even better than the reviews I read about and that’s when I decided that more rational reviews need to be written. The main reason I like Stealthmate the most is the features it offers. Apart from being the only app that can monitor the iPhone 5 and the first one to monitor Android Jelly Bean, Stealthmate has a wide array of features that have great utility. Some of the features that I use most often and I like best are:

  • Instant alerts on usage of prohibited words, contacts and e-mail IDs
  • Notifications on SIM change
  • WhatsApp and iMessage chats monitoring
  • Location tracking and location history
  • Recording phone surroundings
  • Control features through SMS prompts

What’s’ More?

In addition to these features, this mobile phone spy app will also provide you:

  • Compatibility with all Android and iPhones and almost all BlackBerry phones
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • Round the clock customer support

Would I Recommend it to Others?

Based on my personal; experience with Stealthmate, I have recommended it to all my colleagues who has monitoring issues. I would recommend it to you as well. This phone spy app has a promising future and is a wise decision for Technology Blog !

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