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Where to turn if You’re Considering Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is multifaceted, and involves a combination of relationship counselling – where both parties take part in the process of counselling, in an effort to recognize and to manage troublesome differences and patterns of stress – and also involves couple’s therapy, which targets the emotions that are involved in the relationship, and tries to help better the situation. Marriage counselling works on certain basic principles, which involve acknowledging the other person, and their personality, set of values, and history. Other factors can influence the relationship between two people as well, including social and economic factors – like religion, for example. Successful therapy, therefore, ultimately depends on the relationship between the involved parties and the therapist.

Choosing to go for marriage counselling can be a difficult decision to process, and a difficult step to take. To go for marriage counselling, it is important that both parties involved fully agree with the decision, and that both of you are willing to undergo this process.
One of the first things you can do (especially if you’re new to therapy) is to simply do a quick Google search of marriage therapists that are in your area. You’ll find a range of websites, from personal therapists, to those that work in clinics and hospitals.

Make sure to look for therapists or counsellors that are devoted to seeing couples for a large amount of time, or are exclusively marriage counsellors. This way, you can be sure that the experience they have gained can be availed by you. Choosing a counsellor that is part of a professional organization is preferred to going to a therapist that has his or her own practice. Professional counsellors and therapists tend to spend their time and money with professional associations and organizations, and can gain experience and a reputation by belonging to national organizations. For example, being a member of various associations that are devoted to marriage and family therapy means that the therapist has completed a certain number of hours of practice, and is adequately educated in his or her field. While choosing a counsellor or a therapist, it is important to make sure that the professional you choose is well-educated and is licensed to practice in their field.

Once you have certain options that you would like to pursue, make sure to assess these options with your partner, and that both of you agree that this is the best decision. Try not to question the methods your therapist may use to help you with your problem, as all good therapists will use a combination of methods and techniques to help make you feel comfortable, and to achieve the desired outcome. This does mean, however, that you feel comfortable with your therapist or counsellor, and that you may have to instil certain techniques into your home life as well.

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