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What to Look for in Reviews When Shopping for an Ikea Bean Bag Chair

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Home or office furniture is one of the most complicated things to buy online. There is also the issue of deciding which product to pick, given the multitude of options at your disposal. In the case of Ikea bean bag chairs, you can bet there is a hoard of options screaming for your attention. You have to trust your guts to end up with a quality product when it arrives in the mail.

So how can you find the perfect bean bag cushion for your home? You can start by checking this bean bag chair review from Ikea before continuing with the guide to look for tips to buy the right one.

What are Ikea Bean Bag Chairs?

You might already be familiar with Ikea’s range of products, and chances are you have sat on one as a kid. One outstanding feature is their simple design and how easy it is to blend into any house section. They are available in different sizes and colors and can be found in different shapes. They make excellent furniture for a home, office, or public or recreational environment. But the challenge is finding the right one to buy.

How to Buy the Right Bean Bag Chair?

There are vital details you want to decide on before you search for furniture to buy, for starters, including. So now that you are familiar with Ikea bean bags, you may want to know how to ensure you end up with the right product. The key is to examine the review section when shopping on a merchant site. That’s not all required; you must do in-depth research to ensure the product is worth your money.

Consider Size

You want to decide whether you want a small or large-sized Ikea bean bag chair. Different sizes are available; the right one will depend mainly on the space you want to fit it in. Some chairs can store your kid’s stuffed toys, and others can pass as a sectional with a footstool. You can start by measuring your space and get a piece of furniture that matches the dimensions; this way, you can be sure you won’t get an undersized or oversized product after all. You can read the following link on how to shop for the right-sized home furniture.

Decide on Shape

You should also know that these bean bag chairs are available in different shapes, and you want to see how you want yours to look before searching online. The standard conditions are round or oval and rectangular or square, but all bets are off on what to expect online, as you can’t predict the form of the Ikea product range.

Bag or Chair

You should know that there is a difference between a bean chair and a storage bag when it comes to bean bags. The common ones are designed as cushions stuffed with beans from soft materials that provide comfort and help shape the chair. But you could also find a fillable bag with storage options for your kid’s stuffed toy or throw pillows. When full, these bags could also be used as a soft cushion for kids to relax. So again, you want to consider this before looking for a bean bag chair.

Pick a Suitable Color

Your furniture needs to work with your wall paint and floor finish, and while you don’t need to match colors correctly, you have to ensure you don’t go off with the pairing. You also want to pick a suitable color before buying new furniture. You can steal a pick from furnishing ideas from home decor magazines and online guides. You can even follow social media handles on Instagram to get inspiration for giving your home or office.

Consider the Material

It is common to find bean bag chairs that flat out after a few months, and if you don’t want to be looking for a replacement soon, you need to look into the review for any mentions about how well the chair holds up its shape. The chair quality usually depends on the type of stuffing and seams around the edges. The most comfortable and durable materials for a bean bag are polyester for the outside covering and polystyrene for the bean fillings. So you want to ensure that these materials are mentioned in the product description.


Another essential factor is how much you can afford to spend on a new Ikea bean bag chair. You can find products that go for less than $100 that are sturdy enough to last long, while bulky ones sell for a few hundred or up to a thousand. So you want to decide on a budget range so you don’t spend more than you can afford.

Shopping Online for Ikea Bean Bag Chair

The first thing you want to do is to shop from an accredited Ikea online retailer, and I am talking of big stores like Target, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and all the likes. If you follow referrals from blogs and online marketplaces, ensure you checkout from the merchant’s store and not a third-party affiliate without accreditation. Some other things to evaluate before completing payment include

  • Confirm the estimated shipping period and how much it will cost you.
  • Ask if any assembling is required, and if so, you want to ask for tips to get it done.
  • Inquire about maintenance tips so you know how to care for your bean bag chair, but just in case, you can check here to learn more.

Final Note

Ikea bean bag chairs could help uplift the mood in an empty section of the house, so whether in the corridor, balcony, kids’ room, or sitting room, there is always a furniture piece that could fit perfectly; you must search for it. And if you read through the guide provided above, you should be equipped with the necessary information.

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