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What To Know About Promoting Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t a new social media platform, but in terms of marketing and promotion for businesses, the concepts are relatively new.

Pinterest provides many opportunities for businesses, particularly if the business is inherently visual in its offerings, but using it as a marketing tool is unique from other platforms. It can take some getting used to to get things right.

The following are some things to know about Pinterest promotion for your business.

The Base is Large and Diverse

If you want to reach a big, diverse audience in an influential way, Pinterest might be one of your best bets. According to recent figures, Pinterest gets around 150 million site users each month, and around 75% of those are new sign-ups. They also estimate that two million people pin things every day, so it’s a platform you really can’t ignore.


Fairly recently, Pinterest has been working on making it more accessible for people to advertise their brand or business. However, even if your business doesn’t have a lot of visual content you can share, you can still use the platform.

One way to do it is to use social media design templates and create attractive promotions and marketing messages.

You can then use the Promoted Pins feature on Pinterest, which allows you to choose from driving traffic, engagement, or awareness while targeting your audience.

Share a Lifestyle

While Pinterest’s offerings to promote and sell specific products have become more robust recently, it’s still important to create a lifestyle rather than only trying to sell or advertise on the site.

Pinterest is all about visualizing the life you want to have in many ways, so you should incorporate this concept into your overall Pinterest strategy.

You want to inspire people with your pins and your Pinterest content above all else.

One-Tap and Promoted Pins

While Pinterest is about selling a lifestyle, if you want to sell your products on the site, you have options like One-Tap Pins and Promoted App Pins. One-tap pins give you the option to set your pins up so that when people click it, they go directly to your content or a landing page you designate.

With Promoted App Pins, users can promote their apps, and then the user clicks and is taken directly to an Install button.

A lot of the focus on Pinterest right now in terms of marketers helps them offer a seamless single-step process to get their audience to take action.

Rich Pins

Finally, another cool option available to marketers looking to capitalize on Pinterest is Rich pins.

These are ways that you can offer a lot of in-depth information in a single pin. For example, along with pricing and vendor information-,rich pins can also be set up to show maps, addresses, phone numbers, and real-time product availability.

Rich pins encourage a direct buy, and you can add metadata to your site, and then you have to confirm the Pins, and they’ll appear on the social media platform.

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