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What Should You Know About Stellite Alloys?

There are various things that can be said about different alloys that are now used in industries from all around the world. The truth is that we are always going to see some market innovations that appear because of the wish to find new options that can be used with an increased efficiency.

Stellites is the name of a pretty new market opportunity, one that is trademarked. Various companies from around the world are now offering stellite welding with processes that are similar though. With this in mind, do not think that just one firm can offer it. Always look for the market options so that you can get a very good price for the stellites alloys necessary for the projects you have.

Stellites – What Is It?

Stellites is a member of the super alloys group of cobalt-chromium. The stellites are quite appreciated on the market because of the properties offered. We are faced with really high heat and wear resistances. This basically means that hostile environment use is not actually a problem. To make matters even more interesting, we are also faced with really high corrosion resistance. Due to these great properties, we can see stellites in many modern applications, ranging from various cutting tools used in many industries to alloy coatings.

If we are to mention the different cases in which stellites are popular, we have to highlight the following:

  • Machine gun barrels for M60
  • Machine parts that have to be acid resistant
  • Valve seats
  • Exhaust valves
  • Poppet valves
  • Medical applications like dental prostheses and artificial hip joints

Another thing that should be known about stellites is that the formulation that is used will vary from one case to the next, based on the intended use. However, we normally do have access to the use of 4 to 6 elements, with the elements that are combined being magnese, chromium, boron, carbon, titanium, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, molybdenum, carbon, boron, aluminum, cobalt, iron and nickel.

Choosing The Manufacturer

Whenever there is a need to get some stellite alloy work done for any use, it is important that the manufacturer is properly considered. This is not as easy as you may think. There is quite a large number of manufacturers that offer exactly what is needed by the clients. You will need to think about who you work with while being completely honest with the needs that exist.

In some cases you will want to save money. In others you will be interested in the high quality that is offered based on the percentages available with the alloys. Think about such factors so that you can be 100% sure your choice will be better.

Obviously, choosing the manufacturer is all about gaining as much information as possible about the options available. Never choose a manufacturer that you do not know that much about. This would be a pretty huge mistake. Have patience and do analyze the available options, those manufacturers that would offer exactly what is necessary based on geographical location and reputation.

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