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What Items Need Climate Controlled Storage?

More and more people look into climate control storage. Self-storage was popularized in the 1970s, and it has changed dramatically over the years, giving people more opportunities to store and transport their items in convenient ways. However, most standard containers are not suitable for lengthy use, as items start to deteriorate over time. Through climate control, however, this is avoided.

When people rent steel storage containers, they often don’t think about the impact of the outdoor climate. They presume that, because there is a physical barrier between their items and the outside world, they will be fine. However, the inside temperature in particular will rise significantly when the outside temperature does as well, and this can affect a lot of things kept inside the units. This is why you need to find out whether you need climate control or not.

When Do You Need Climate Control?

First, think about the weather conditions where you live. For instance, if there are high levels of humidity, you will need climate control. Without it, your furniture will start to warp, your documents will degrade, your clothes will develop mildew, and insects and pests will be attracted. The latter can do untold damage to just about everything.

Next, think about temperature. If you live somewhere with extreme cold, then condensation can develop, which leads to mold and mildew. Extreme heat is also very bad, since it can destroy electronic equipment. It is all too easy for the inside of your container to heat up to over 100 degrees on a summer day.

If you have high quality items, belongings made of expensive materials, or want to store electronics or documentation, you will almost always need climate control. Mattresses are also often overlooked. If left in a standard unit, they can develop mildew and mold, affecting everything else in the unit, as well as wasting a mattress.

Similarly, good clothing and fine linens must be climate controlled. Not only will they deteriorate if left alone, they can discolor and develop mildew and old. Furthermore, they are breading grounds for a range of insect, which can cause some real danger to yourself.

Next, there are music instruments. These must also be climate controlled. Violins and pianos, for instance, will break or warp and discolor. The wood can break as well. Over the years, thousands, if not millions, of dollars have been wasted due to poorly stored musical instruments.

Last but not least, there is paperwork, including books. A lot of people think they will be find just about anywhere, but that really isn’t true. If the area isn’t climate controlled, then the paper will start to discolor. As a result, it can become impossible to read what was written on them. This is frustrating, but can also pose a real problem if the paperwork is important, as well as wasting books.

As you can see, just about everything should be kept in a climate controlled storage unit, particularly if you intend to store it for longer periods of time.