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What Is The Best Way To Buy Reliable Used C Arm Machines?

If you are starting a new practice, you might not have all the funds to buy a completely new OEC machine. Most people buy refurbished models as they are available for a quarter to half the price of a new model. If you are buying especially old models like the 9400 and 9600, they will be cheaper still and worth the money if they function perfectly.

Buying online

There are certified sellers of refurbished C-Arms and then there are online sellers. You can find used machines and their parts on Ebay and Craigslist for great prices, but how do you know that they have all their parts working correctly? Here are some of the things you should know when you buy from a reseller whether online or offline:

· Are there any parts of the C Arm that are not functioning at their best?

· Does the reseller actually test the equipment before shipping it to you?

· Do you have good coverage for the used machine in case you run into trouble later on

· Does the model you are buying have a good market for parts?

In general, you would be safer buying from a recognized reseller rather than online. Buying online may net you a good bargain on a really good used C Arm or it may not. You can hold a reseller accountable, but getting hold of a seller who can only be contacted through eBay or Craigslist is a much riskier proposition.

Changing glassware

In general, OEC C-arms, even the ones that are very old tend to have very high quality glassware. It can occasionally fail. However, if you have trouble with glassware on a used machine, the problem most likely with some other part that is interacting with it. If the trouble is indeed is with the glassware, you can fortunately replace it at very reasonable rates.

If you are buying a used C Arm machine, you will be definitely better off with buying coverage for the tube and other parts, before something goes wrong. You can click here to find used C-Arms from vendors who provide good coverage. This will save you a lot of money and when your trade is up in a few years, you can spring money on a completely new C-arm, which is a nice upgrade indeed.

When buying used C-Arms

The first thing to do when you receive your C-arm is to test every function of the machine before signing off on the delivery. Although the refurbished machine vendor may have done the required testing before shipping it to you, you just want to make sure that there were no problems during the transit.

Yet another thing to check with your machine is if the hard drive contained in the C Arm has any data of patients at a previous practice. If there is, it is a violation of HIPAA laws, and you have to wipe out the hard drive immediately. This doesn’t just help you stay on the right side of the law, but also make sure that you don’t mix up user records.