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What is the best time to visit Scandinavian countries?

The best time to visit Scandinavian countries runs in summer, roughly between June and early September. It’s the time when days are longest, and it’s warm enough to go hiking and sightseeing. Some travelers complain that it’s also the time with more tourists and mosquitos outdoors. Winter in this part of the world its magic too, with snowy landscapes and Northern Lights. Shoulder seasons of spring and autumn are all about colours out in the nature, but rains are frequent. Whatever time you choose for visiting all three countries of Scandinavian Peninsula, you’ll enjoy it. Just meet the locals, they are so friendly and helpful, and learn from them what ‘hygge’ stands for.


Summer in Norway

During this time, spots like Trolltunga and Preikestolen in Norway are accessible, so go for it (other months bring snow, so the access is closed). It’s also perfect for witnessing the midnight sun, visiting glaciers, and taking boat tours around fjords (might be pricey though). Check more things to do in Norway during the summer over here.

Autumn in Norway

From October on, the days are short and cold. Tourist crowds thin out, splendid colours touch Norwegian landscapes, and concert venues and theatres get back on the agenda after summer festivals.

Winter in Norway

This season also has its magic. It’s the time to enjoy the Northern Lights, so called blue hours, ice skating on the lakes, and warming up with the gløgg in a cozy hut. It’s the season to experience the kos, Norwegian style coziness.

Spring in Norway

Once the snow starts melting, thousands of waterfalls flow along the slopes and feed fjords. Spring in Norway awakens nature with longer and sunnier days, wildflowers blooming, and lambing in the farms. Warmer temperatures of April crawl up from the coastal areas to the mountains and from south to north, reaching their peak in late May and June. May is the best month to see traditional costumes on Norway’s National Day and take pictures with crazy russ students celebrating upcoming graduation.


Summer in Sweden

Sweden shows its friendly face in summer. It’s time to go hiking, timber rafting, celebrate National Day and Midsummer, see the beauty of wildflowers in Lapland…well, lots and lots of things to do!

Autumn in Sweden

Northern Lights return to Swedish skies. It’s easier to book accommodation, but be ready to wear rubber boots as rains are more frequent. Foodies can enjoy the lobster season, yummy!

Winter in Sweden

December–February also offer great time to Sweden with magic of the Polar lights, dogsledding, ice hotels, and, I’m sure you’ll find some inspiration!

Spring in Sweden

While you can still go dogsledding in the Swedish Lapland, southern areas are warm enough to go hiking and paddling. Late spring brings the ‘white nights’ to Sweden, when the nights last only a few hours and it never gets completely dark.


Summer in Denmark

Warm and long days are perfect for exploring the hidden corners of Copenhagen, enjoying barbecue in the parks, and relaxing on sandy beaches (yes, beaches, unexpected, huh?) on one of the hundreds of Danish islands. If you don’t feel like being a lazy seal, you might want to go and see actual seals in the Wadden Sea area, they are so cute! Summer is also the right time to awake your inner child and get crazy in Legoland.

Autumn in Denmark

Temperatures drop and so do the tourist numbers, yay! Best time to spot deer with great antlers in the famous Dyrehaven. It’s great time for hiking and berry picking.

Winter in Denmark

With Christmas treats, ginger cookies, and a mug of gløgg you will internalize the concept of ‘hygge’. Adventurous foodies can enjoy oyster safari in the Wadden Sea.

Spring in Denmark

Springtime in Denmark is famous for starling murmuration called the ’Black Sun’ phenomenon. Celebrate birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, one of the greatest fairy-tale writers in Europe, in April. To keep the fairy tale atmosphere to the highest, make sure to visit the Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks in the world.

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