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What is the Best Apple Setup for Photographers?

Photographers and other creative professionals have always enjoyed the features, design, and interface of Apple products. From a robust computer to act as a comprehensive workstation to an assistive tool to carry around in your pocket, you can find what you need from Apple. Here’s a guide of the most relevant Apple products for photographers.

MacBook Pro

Get the perfect blend of power and mobility with Apple’s powerhouse of a laptop. MacBook Pros come packed with all the graphics, processing, and memory you need. Not only is it great for taking on-the-go, but you might even be able to use it as your main workstation.

Another highlight of the MacBook Pro is its gorgeous Retina display to give you the detail you need while editing. Apple has multiple models available with varying specifications, so you can choose one depending on your particular needs.


If you’re looking for something even more powerful and high-performance and don’t need the mobility of a laptop, consider the iMac. For photographers seeking to simplify their workflow, this is one of the best choices. The iMac contains powerful computing technology, advanced graphics cards, robust processing, and convenient port configuration. If you need a permanent workstation that’s even more powerful and flexible with a lot of accessories and external drives, you might want an iMac.

Software and Apps

Once you choose your Apple computer, you get to enjoy the best photo-editing software and applications available. Apple computers support the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes photography essentials–Photoshop and Lightroom. Editing your pictures with Adobe on a beautiful Retina screen will help you put out the best pictures every time.

Got more questions about using Apple products as a photographer? As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, MelroseMAC is here to give you all the guidance you need. Contact us here with your questions or for Apple certified tech support.

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