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What Is Huawei’s New Operating System

Faced with sanctions, which means it cannot employ Google’s Android model, what’s a phone manufacturer to do, however, create their personal substitute. Sitting on the sidelines, all of us want Huawei to innovate and create something completely new. Despite everything, it could not be worse than Android, which is bloated, complicated, and underneath danger from Oracle, from a programmer’s point of view. So we sit down lower back and fantasize approximately operating structures that are probably. We even indulged my fable with the idea that it is probably their current IoT operating system ArkOS – Huawei Blocked From Android – The Ascendance Of A New OS?


Well, I must admit that I think I’m incorrect. I additionally suppose all the different speculations, approximately Sailfish and FirefoxOS, are also wrong. Android has too tight a grasp on the give up user market to danger breaking rank. So we sort of know that the Android substitute could be referred to as Hongxing, which consistent with Wikipedia is:

“a wordplay translated as “Mists-of-Chaos,” “Vast Obscurity,” “Big Concealment,” “Vital Principle,” “Natural Energy,” and “Big Goose Dummy.”

Well, there you’re – draw your very own conclusions…

China Daily also reviews that:

“The corporation-only institutional brokerage firm Rosenblatt Securities stated in a phone deliver chain record that Huawei has allegedly shipped 1 million smartphones with its self-developed “HongMeng” running system onboard for testing.”

One million is lots of phones, and it additionally suggests HongMeng is extra than vapourware – or have to be malware. It also says:

According to the report, Huawei’s in-house software is said to be like-minded with all Android programs and has “extended safety capabilities to defend non-public data.”

So it looks as if we’re talking approximately fork of Android rather than whatever new. This also appears proper in keeping with a mystery e-mail leaked to developers, which encourages builders to port their Android apps on the AppGallery – Huawei’s version of the Play Store. The email claims that AppGallery has over 270 million monthly customers. It also claims 560K developers inside the AppGallery community. Of path, it can be unconnected. However, we all know that correlation is causality – or something like that.

There is one large problem with this master plan. Many of the large call apps that Huawei clearly desires – Facebook, YouTube, and many others are US based and so protected via the ban. Can Huawei really discover a manner around this or offer replacements? Perhaps one way across the trouble is to put into effect PWA programs strolling in a browser. However, this too is a massive hassle. Has Huawei surely thought this thru?

It ought to come as no fantastic wonder that the simplest way to replace Android is using Android. You can be available at this factor and point out that without Google’s Play Services, Android is not Android, and Hongxing is doomed to fail. We already have an example of an Android fork that works perfectly nicely and is popular in its personal right with none Play Services – Amazon’s Fire. Can Huawei find ways to offer maps, a Gmail equivalent, app records, database offerings, and so forth? It probably can try this. If it can discover some compelling reason to forgive up users to choose its offerings – something like Amazon’s Alexa or a few other AI innovations, then it would simply take off.

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