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What features should a WordPress Form Plugin have?

So you’ve built your WordPress website,and now you need to add proper plugins for improved efficiency. You want to optimize your website for search engines? You need a plugin like Yoast SEO. Email marketing? You’ve got MailChimp to help you send and track email marketing campaigns. But what about WordPress forms? What features should you search for in a WordPress Form Plugin?


Diversity and flexibility
you’ll need different forms for different needs. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could create everything from WordPress contact forms, event registrations, order forms, surveys, polls or quizzes with the same Form Plugin?

Friendly Form Editor
An intuitive, drag­and­drop editor would be the ideal. Being able to easily create your WordPress forms without leaving your admin area would save precious time. Settings and Customization It would be pretty cool if you could receive form submissions as PDF attachments or set up autoresponders if you need to. A wide variety of different settings as well as a diversity of form themes, form templates or anything you may need to design your WordPress form also makes the difference when it comes to choosing the best form plugin. 3rd Party Apps What if you could add numerous third­party apps such as MailChimp, Dropbox, Evernote, Salesforce, Yahoo! Groups, Google groups to your WordPress forms with the click of a button? That would definitely be a time saver!

what security options should a Form Plugin provide? Definitely SSL Encryption, Password protection, anti­spam guard, submission limits, Captcha, Country filters and IP limitation are on the list.

Customer Support
Even though creating WordPress forms should be a fast and easy job, you may face different challenges, so receiving support whenever that happens would be a big plus.

These features sound good, right? Well, we’ve found the Form Plugin that has them all. You’ll find all these features in CaptainForm. The plugin requires no add­ons and without a line of code, you’ll be able to create effective, powerful WordPress forms in no time.