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What delivery services are available to businesses wanting to ship aboard?

As a small/medium sized business often taking the next step to expand your business is selling to customers and different markets abroad. Expanding overseas can be quite daunting but the rewards your business can reap mean that it is definitely worth taking the plunge.


Here’s some vital information about the delivery services available to businesses wanting to ship abroad:

It’s fast

Long gone are the days where it can take weeks to ship an item to a foreign country. With express delivery services from expert shipping companies like TNT, you can guarantee customers that their parcel will be with them in record time to hundreds of destinations across the globe. TNT and other courier companies give customers the option to ship next day by 9am to over 40 European countries and the opportunity to select specific date deliveries to the Middle East so the world really is your oyster.

You’re in control

There are so many options available to you when shipping abroad that you really feel in control. From choosing whether you’d like your next day delivery to arrive by 9am, 10am or midday you can decide to make sure the delivery is timed perfectly to suit your clients. By using a professional courier service you can guarantee customers that their goods will arrive on time and in perfect condition, which is often a concern for a lot of businesses shipping abroad for the first time. First impressions count so ensuring your parcels turn up in great shape is essential.

It’s trackable

Often businesses can be nervous about expanding abroad as overseas shipping means there are a lot more opportunities for issues to occur. From parcels going missing to strict customs regulations and border complications it can be quite hard to figure out for a novice. Using an experienced courier services means these problems instantly disappear. With top of the range technology now used for the monitoring and tracking of parcels, if a parcel does go missing it can easily be traced and mistakes be rectified.

There are lots of different things to consider when shipping abroad so it’s really important to speak to an expert courier service who can help you with all the ins and outs. From the best ways to prepare your shipment to completing commercial invoices and good inspection checks, using a professional delivery service means they can guide you through the process and take away any of the worries.

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