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The weirdest, most wonderful Windows 8 ads ever

Most wonderful Windows 8 ads ever

It gets better.

I don’t know where these have come from.

I don’t even know if they’re official Windows 8 videos.

But I do know that these are works of utter, thorough, and complete genius.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has struggled to project an image that is anything that might be described as entirely relevant.

It doesn’t mean Windows 8 has failed. But it does mean that its has inspired about as much as the Kansas City Chiefs of late, the Kansas City Royals (until this season), and the authorities at the Heights High School in Wichita, Kansas.

The original launch videos were things of slightly bland ambition. Nice enough, but not interesting enough.

Here, though are things of complete imagination. Please just watch them and I’ll see you the other side.

They might not ultimately be persuasive benefits to you. But they’re presented in as magical a way as they could possibly be.

For myself, the makeup ad is so very insanely brilliant that I want to watch it again and again. I would most certainly want to have dinner with anyone whose mind worked like that. I would even travel to do it.

The watermelon ad is, it’s true, a touch creepy. It might conjure images for some that ought not to be conjured.

But the piano ad is so remarkably other-worldly and yet entirely normal that it makes one believe that it’s truly possible to suggest Windows 8 is intelligent, imaginative, and even cool.

These ads were originally posted to YouTube, spotted by Windows Phone Central, and then removed.

They would grace any screen in the world. And I hope they do.





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