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Before and after wedding day preparations

Marry the right person and you could be in for years of bliss, sharing experiences with someone you have a deep love and passion for. Because you’re planning on being with this person for the remainder of your physical life, it makes perfect sense to take your time preparing for your wedding day. You don’t need hundreds of guests at your wedding to plan a great event. You also don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to create great experiences for your guests after your wedding ceremony has concluded.

Events to handle before and after you get married

Give yourself at least a year to plan for your wedding before the actual date arrives. A good first step is to actually “see” how you want the day to unfold. For example, you might use your imagination to see you and your fiancĂ©’s parents entering the wedding location. Imagine the music, other forms of entertainment, types and colors of flowers and decorations you want to see as you prepare to exchange vows with your fiancĂ©. Also, determine whether or not you want to distribute a wedding thank you card to each guest during or after the reception.

Take your time. You could use what comes to you to create your wedding preparation checklist. Rather than shopping around for a place to hold the ceremony and reception, iVillage recommends that you ask for suggestions. This could save you time. Apply this same principal when you start shopping around for a company to create a wedding thank you card, invitations and floral arrangements for you. As a tip, if you select a location that has an onsite restaurant, you could get fresh food prepared at the same place where you hold your actual wedding or reception ceremony.

After you narrow down firms you want to work with, meet with a contact from the firm in person. You can also check out some firms, like florists, bands and companies that make a great wedding thank you card online. You might want to call wedding thank you card companies and other vendors from the comforts of your home before you head out to meet with them in person.

Meeting with wedding vendors

Bring pictures of what you want floral arrangements and final wedding thank you card designs to look like before you head out to hold face-to-face meetings with vendors. Also, identify who your maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and grooms men will be. Start building your wedding guests list and select wedding rings for the bride and groom.

At this point, you should also be narrowing down your wedding dress and the groom’s tuxedo choices. It goes without saying that you should be setting aside money to pay for the wedding and honeymoon as soon as possible if you’re not taking the traditional route and having your parents, as the bride, pay for the wedding.

A few weeks away from your wedding date, get fitted for your dress, do a walk through with wedding participants, including photographers, band members, hostesses, etc. Don’t leave these events to chance. Make sure that you have received all wedding thank you card stationery at least two weeks before the actual wedding date.

If you want to send a wedding thank you card digitally, choose from a list of experienced vendors. For example, Postable thank you cards for weddings can be sent digitally or in print. Use the same database you create to send your wedding invitations to send out the wedding thank you card you have designed for people who attend your wedding ceremony or send you and the groom marriage gifts.