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With the increasing trend of the internet, users nowadays prefer to go online for almost everything like shopping, making payments, seeking information and much more. Now, to meet the demands of people, businesses are going online too.

Millions of websites get registered every day and so are the businesses offering services to develop websites. Although there are already many website builder options available, but only a few are promising and meet the exact demand of users. Currently, one of the best options available in the market is, which allows people to design the websites in their own way.

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What is Website Builder?

Unlike any other website building service, Website Builder is a platform which allows users to develop their own website according to their needs and requirements very easily. There are many plugins, templates, widgets and other tools available to ensure that the user gets everything he/she wants. The overall idea of this platform is to let the people bring their dream online and everything is available for absolutely no cost. Now, this is something I would love to try for sure!

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What does it offer?

Website Builder offers a lot of features which are required to not only build an online portal, but to make it popular on the web and get swiftly indexed on the Google. Here are some of its features:

Free Domain Name – Yes, you’ll get a free domain name for your business or blog.

Trustworthy Hosting – Getting a secure and reliable hosting is an important thing and Website Builder has it for you.

Mobile Friendly – Smartphones hold a significant place in the market today and you get a mobile friendly website with it to make sure that you have an edge over others.

E-Commerce Available – Selling products online is surely on trend and it can easily set up and e-shop for you.

Ample Templates – With over 10,000 templates, you could choose anything ranging from personal portfolio to business portal.

Images – The image library helps you to find perfect icons for your business.

Being Social – Famous social plugins are there to expand the reach of your business and get you traffic.

Stay Friendly with Google – Easy to add keywords and meta descriptions allow your website to rank higher than the competitors.

Blogging Simplified – The blog option available in it ensures that you put your views wide open.

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How easy it is to use Website Builder?

Well, no matter how many features you’ve got, the process of setting up an online website should be swift as well as easy and Website Builder surely has this quality. There only are 3 steps to make your website go live and here are they:

Selecting Design – The very first is selecting a design and you can do that by choosing one from over 10,000 template designs available in the Website Builder’s database.

Customization – The next step is customizing your final design with the tools available in it. You can modify the layout, put the social tools and many more with the options available under customization.

Just Click and Go Live – Once you’re done with all the customization work, all you need to do is one click and you’ll be online with your own website designed by you. Now, this is what I call being easy! Won’t you?

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Advantages of Website Builder

There is no denying to the fact that market has many options like Website Builder, so why one must choose it over others? Well, apart from the easy to set-up blog process, there are a few more advantages you get with it and here below is the list:

Drag and Drop Builder – Website Builder’s Drag and Drop editor allows one to easily modify the design part by just putting things here and there. It is more fun than work while using the editor and saves a lot of time for sure. The best part of it is that even the novice can work like a pro while customizing the template design.

Customer Support – Despite offering the easiest way to make your business go online, Website Builder’s customer support department is always there to help you out with whatever query you got. They also believe in improving the process all the time and hence are open to any suggestions you have for them.

SEO Tools – Marketing is as important as going online with business and for that purpose, Website Builder offers a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools so that one can rank better on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Branding – The first step to get established as a brand is to have a business e-mail and there is an option available for setting up that to help you gain the needed branding status.

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Overall, Website Builder is definitely a good tool with all the required features available and also for free. Moreover, not so many good options are available in the market with these much customization freedom. So, if you’re thinking to go online with your business and looking to build a website, this tool is worth giving a try.

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