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Website Builders and FTP

You have painstakingly created a website that works for you and you are eager to share it with the world which means that the final barrier between you and the World Wide Web is the need to publish it from desktop to the web. In order to do this, you will require a server that supports FTP ( File Transfer Protocol).

What is FTP?

Essentially, FTP is the process of transferring your files between computers and servers using hosting providers. Unless you are a proficient web designer then you will require a website builder with FTP in order to create your website and share it with everyone. Using an FTP website builder will ensure that the tools required for uploading documents, images and multimedia files are all part of the construction process.

How Does it all Work

File managers such as cPanel and Plesk have help to complete this task over the years, FTP has been the way to put the required files onto your site. Depending on your knowledge there are a number of programs available to do this such as FileZilla or Dreamweaver, but if you are ready to build you very first website then you will want to consider a website builder that comes with FTP because this makes the whole process a lot more streamlined and less likely to encounter problems.

When you are ready to publish your website, your website builder will use the FTP client login to open the conduit from the FTP URL address to you’re the URL address of your website. Once this is open it is then possible to transfer files in many different formats. It is possible to move days in binary, ASCII or auto mode and for those clients that enable drag and drop make it even easier to move files from your computer to the server. Some web hosts and site builders will offer FTP as part of a package for no cost, remember that this should always be a free tool.

Where to find a website builder with FTP

Finding a website builder with FTP should be simple. However, if it is classed as free that does not mean that there are no hidden add-ons such as adverts on your site, lessened security and third part data mining the information of your visiting to use for marketing purposes. Therefore, it is important to shop around because FTP website builders should be part of your plan so make sure you consider other features and tool that will enhance your website and project. Regardless as to whether you decide to use a free or monthly service, choose the one that suits what you are trying to achieve. Do not pay for extras that are not required and do not cut costs because this could be at the expense of the quality of your website.

Extra Information

You may have a web builder that does not include FTP, if this is the case then it is still possible to benefit from the advantages and versatility that comes with it by integrating it into the control panel that you currently use. An FTP account can be incorporated into cPanel and Plesk so that files can be added and removed easily.

FTP is not the prettiest of processes, but it is one that is required because it does a lot of work in the background. It plays no part in improving the look and performance of your website but it enables servers and computers to communication efficiently. If the final result of this is a website that works better and performs better then it is definitely worth it.