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WebShop Manager – best ecommerce website and features you must have

The first step to success in online selling is often figuring out what product you want to sell and then identifying the platform you want to use. However, the most daring challenge you can face is selecting a website theme or designer who will understand your needs. And if you’re doing it for the first time, chances are that you’ll just search for something nice without really paying attention to the things that matter.

But that is also why you should work with someone who perfectly understands the world of e-commerce and what it takes to succeed.

Selling online with your own website

Webshop Manager-best ecommerce website and their features

1 Webshop Manager understands the importance of well-understood navigation features

Good navigation is essential since it helps your customers find whatever they are looking for quickly and conveniently. What about poor navigation? Well, it frustrates them to the point of abandoning your store.

And this raises the question of the kind of navigation that is considered good and that which is considered bad.

And the bottom line here should be to let the visitor find their way to the page they are looking for regardless of where they land on your site. You should not give them the chance of asking how to do this.

With Webshop Manager’s educative success guide, you can learn the meaning of presenting the most important categories/pages on the eyes of the visitor and delegating less important links to drop-down menus or footer of the site.

2 Compatibility with all display dimensions

Most shoppers are conducting their shopping activities online using their mobile devices, and this number keeps rising each day.

You should therefore be very conscious of the different kinds of mobile devices and screen sizes being used out there.

Responsive site design allows your site to adjust according to the screen dimension of the device it is being viewed on. This has become a standard in website design, thanks to the fact that Google now considers it a requirement – even threatening to demote sites that don’t comply.

3 Load speed

The team of experts at Webshop Manager is very much aware of the significance of site load speed in e-commerce business. Statistics now say that at least 40% of users will abandon a site if it fails to load in 3 seconds.

So regardless of how attractive your online shop is, if it doesn’t load quickly, it will increase your bounce rate figures, and thus your conversion rate will suffer.

Webshop Manager Websites have themes that load their assets faster to keep exit rates low. With cutting-edge and award-winning website designs, you can still keep all the beautiful aspects of your e-commerce store without sacrificing on speed. This is a proven fact when you work with an expert theme designer.

4 Also, utilize clear and beautiful images

Images will attract moment visitors to stay in your site for a long time. Have you ever landed on a homepage dominated by a cute photo of a lens in action on an iOS device? That’s the kind of attractiveness we are looking for in your images. It keeps attention on your site longer.

Without any doubt, the elements highlighted above will help you sell online with your own ecommerce site. With all tools at your disposal, getting started shouldn’t sound like rocket science especially when you make use of a service like Webshop Manager.