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Web development and web design – Is there a difference?

Regardless of whether you are talking about web designing or web development, it can be safely said that both are ‘website building processes’. If you are a web designer, you will have to address both the aesthetic part apart from making the website a marketing tool. A web designer will use different image editing and sound editing software to incorporate elements of multimedia into the website. A web developer on the other hand will take care of stuff like HTML, PHP programming, CSS, and Javascript, and so on. In other words, in order to make a website functional, a web developer has to play an instrumental role. Given below let us get a closer look of both these website building processes.

Web design essentials

There are few principles of web designing, which are as follows-

ü It is the role of a web designer to strike a balance between the ‘heavy’ as well as ‘light’ elements. For instance, there are 2 categories of colors, the ones that are dark are referred to as heavy and the ones that are light are referred to as light. A web designer will ideally balance the both.

ü The role of a web designer is also to keep all the elements of the website in perfect proportion. This is known as maintaining unity of the website.

Apart from the above two, consistency, emphasis, and working with contrast are the other crucial aspects that are taken care of by the web designer. Let us now see how the web developer helps in building your website.

Web development essentials

Web developers are also referred to as programmers. They usually take care of the backend processes that go into building a website. They are the ones that make the website functional. For instance, if you have hired the services of a web building professional, the services of a web development Sydney service provider will also be required. The web designer will hand over the website to the programmer or the web developer. He will in turn break the website into different components.

Depending on the requirement of the client, the web developer will employ the best possible programming language. He might use HTML, Javascript, and any other hat he deems fit for the client. The developers that have been in this field for several years or are more experienced also take into their stride Content Management Systems and make the optimum use of it.

Another very interesting aspect that they incorporate as part of their responsibility is to change static images into dynamic ones. In other words, a static website can be converted into a dynamic website. Any element that is interactive in the website is taken care of by the web developer. These include placing and active buttons, navigation buttons, call to action provision, and so on.

There are many individuals that are both web designers as well as web developer. While there are many that specializes only in one field. So, regardless of what your website aims you will require both, a web developer as well as a web designer. After all, it works toward a single process and that is website building.