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Sensible Ways of Saving Without Lowering Your Standards

This post shows how you can find good value and still save on the bottom line. You’ll find practical suggestions, habits to acquire and good practice hints!

What’s the key difference between frugal and cheap? The real answer is value. Cheap so often means cheap and nasty. Good value is there whatever the price. All this applies both to your approach to purchases and the things that you buy or choose not to buy.

The word savings or savings for many people is something that does not make sense or do not know how. Four out of five Americans spend more than you earn in your pocket has at least one credit card and does not have a dollar saved in the bank. A recent study by found that only four in 10 people have an emergency fund to face financial disaster. Financial advisers say, however, that the saved and invested wisely planning, money grows. No matter if you have little or much, the important thing is to start saving, because every penny counts.

How to eat out – or how not to

There is no question that food and drink are the staples of society. How nice to go out for a big meal, relax and enjoy yourself while other people cook the food and wash the dishes. The cheap approach would be to go to the place with the lowest prices, eat badly cooked mass produced food and maybe pay a few dollars less. The frugal way is to research first and enjoy later! Look out for the vouchers or the good restaurants doing two for one deals.

And without being cheap – why not get two or three families together to eat in. Work out a menu, agree who’s cooking what, and you could have a really fun evening for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal.


The frugal computer

It isn’t true that everything that is free is always cheap and nasty. The cheap person goes for pirated software or borrowing something from a friend which is almost the same – both can end him up in all sorts of problems. The frugal person looks for sale periods when hardware comes down in price and “invests” in the open file software such as and free antivirus. The frugal person checks out the bona fide advice sites so he’s always playing safe.

The frugal supermarket shopper

If you can’t trust yourself to refrain from impulse buying, use the free delivery service so you only get the items you need. Clip the coupons as they appear and buy larger items and store them.

Finally if it takes time to become really frugal, remember that you can get cash through your car with a car title loan in Los Angeles in less than an hour!