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Want to Sell your House Quickly? Try these Tips!

While the housing market is beginning to rebound, it can still take a long time to sell your home. There are several things you can do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers and the good news is, you can do most of these yourself.

First Impressions Mean a Lot!

First impressions are hard to change. Make sure the street view of your home is beautiful. Keep the yard mowed and trimmed. Plant flowers to add color and make sure to keep the weeds out of the gardens. Power wash the outside of the house and paint anywhere that needs touched up. Add pots of flowers to the porch and make sure the porch is clean as well.

Remove all toys and tools from the front yard. You want the house to look like a showplace when buyers arrive to look through the home.

The first impression on the inside is just as important. Declutter your home. Real estate professional Sky Mikesell suggests you pack away as much of your personal items as you can and store them somewhere besides the house. You don’t want your closets to appear too stuffed – you want the home to look like it has a lot of storage space. Keep the beds made and every room neat and tidy.

Paint the Inside

You may love your green bathroom, but many people won’t. While some potential buyers can look past colors, others will be turned off. Paint the rooms in neutral colors and use accent pieces, such as flowers, towels or pillows, to add color to the rooms. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders in brightening up a room.

Light Up Your House

Good lighting is one of the first things buyers want to see. Take down any heavy drapes you may have and make sure all of your windows are clean. Trim any trees that may be blocking the light and increase the wattage of light bulbs. A bright house feels cheerful and happy and will sell faster.

Hide Any Animals

Not everyone loves animals, so if you have a dog or cat, be sure that they are not around when people come to look at your home. Put away the litter box and toys and make sure there are no clumps of hair lying around. Make sure to use air fresheners to cover to animal smells because potential buyers will think your home is dirty if it smells like a dog or cat.

Price It Right

Check out prices of other houses in your area. This will give you a good idea of what your home might bring. Take 10 – 15 percent off those prices and you will be sure to get a lot of attention from buyers looking in your area. If several love your home, there may be a bidding war to drive up the price on your home. Understand that if you try this method, it may backfire and you’ll end up selling for less than you wanted, but if you want a lot of people looking at your home, pricing it lower is one way to guarantee a lot of activity.

Selling your house is a lot of work and can be very stressful. Follow these tips to bring lots of buyers to your house and sell your home quickly.