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Vybe good bracelet vibrates when you get a call or message

The Vybe bracelet comes in your choice of colors.

The Vybe bracelet comes to your choice of colors.

I in point of fact don’t want a smart watch. What I need is one thing that notifies me when a name or textual content message is available in. That way I will cease missing them because I can’t hear my cell phone ring or feel it vibrate.

The Vybe, as described, is a simple rubberized wristband with an embedded (however detachable) gizmo that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

When a text message comes in, it vibrates as soon as. When a call is available in, it vibrates at 1-second intervals except you answer the decision or it go to voice mail. Which you could additionally reject a call simply by means of pressing the Vybe. And in the event you get out of range of your cell phone (at least 50 feet, in keeping with the WearVybe other folks), it vibrates rapidly — the speculation being to remind you that you’ve got left it at the back of somewhere.

The wristband itself comes to your selection of seven different colors, and you will have to be able to easily move the little vibrating chip from one to every other. There is additionally an optional extender that allows you to put on the Vybe round your ankle, good if you happen told moderately maintain an exact wristwatch in your wrist or simply don’t like it from a way standpoint.

The Vybe is alleged to be compatible with all smartphones that incorporate Bluetooth four. Zero, including the iPhone 4S and later, any Android phone working OS four.3, some windows cell phone units, and the BlackBerry Z10.

That you would be able to preorder the Vybe for $39, which contains your collection of wristband color. For $49, you get the Vybe and three wristbands, whereas $seventy four.50 will get you the Vybe and all seven colors. Particular person bands run $eight apiece, and the extenders price $three.

WearVybe promises supply through February 28, 2014, with an assured refund of your preorder cost if the date is neglected.

I like, love, love the idea that of the Vybe, however the anticipated retail worth of $fifty five is way too high. Even $39 appears a little bit steep, though I’ll most certainly go in advance and order one as a result of this can be a product I’ve been looking for some time.