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The new VW Golf is a perfect evolution of the species

The Volkswagen Golf is, indisputably, one of the crucial iconic cars ever made. For nearly 4 a long time it is been bumbling around our roads ferrying households, middle managers, new drivers, and just about anyone, in reality, to their destinations.

It launched in 1974 as a successor to the Volkswagen Beetle. The Trojan horse’s rear-engine/RWD setup wasn’t probably the most reliable of issues, and shoppers wished something that was more likely to, arm, work. the usage of FWD recognize-how from lately obtained Audi, VW set to work designing its new do-all motor, the Golf.

It needed to appear just right, raise things, and be enjoyable to force. , it had to be one of the best factor due to the fact that sliced bread and no longer wreck. The car used to be an immediate hit with just about everyone and impulsively turned into an icon.

Volkswagen Golf, then and now (pictures)

The item in regards to the Golf, see, is that it can be classless. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are landed gentry or a knuckle-dragger; at the back of the wheel of Golf everyone is similar. Being really classless is a tough thing to tug off, however the Volkswagen’s tactic with the Golf is lovely clever.

The Golf is neither boring nor gorgeous; it’s now not flashy and it doesn’t look like it’d be at house in a cork manufacturing unit. It’s no longer too dear and not underwhelming underpriced. Like Goldilocks’ breakfast it is just right and accessible to everybody.

As a minimum that’s classically been the case. What concerning the new Golf, the Mk VII?

According to the VW workforce’s shiny new MQB platform, the new Golf offers the whole lot you’ll want to hope for: tech, strong appears, Affectivity, an implausible drive, and, in fact, a slinky VW badge to sit to your drive. additionally, while it can be criticized for being a bit of “boring,” it’s a must to admit that even earlier than you see the “Golf” badge you knew precisely what car it is; its design DNA may be very, very sturdy.

You do not need to drop that a lot cash on it, either; within the Uno. It begins at just £16,285 ($25,000 U.S.). In Stella Artois terms, it’s reassuringly dear — not too much for almost all, now not too little for the neatly-to-do.

That’s what Golf will have to be, although: now not too much and not too little, the very best balance of worth and ability. The new Volkswagen Golf will do very neatly indeed and is a necessary successor to the car that launched just about four a long time in the past. Ignore, disregard, and mock at your peril.