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What to Look for in Virtual Network Provider

Cloud computing is an increasingly popular business solution. It allows staff to work without being chained to an office, a company to keep in touch with what’s going on from any location and cloud computing works well in a number of environments and across multiple platforms. Those who aren’t familiar with the benefits of cloud computing, or who don’t know what to look for in a provider, should be aware of the minimum requirements:

It should meet or exceed current standards for scalability and reliability

It should be open and non-proprietary

It should be back by a provider with experience and that has a high grade support system in place

There are also some questions that you should ask of the representative of your potential PaaS provider, such as:

What technologies does your company support?

What is your level of access, scalability and security?

What stage of development are you in?

How easily can I or my employees access data, regardless of location?

How does your support model look and perform?

On a side note, the three level of development are pre-beta, beta and production.

A company that’s serious about attracting and retain quality business should be able to answer these and more in depth questions about their services. Pertino Cloud Network Engine is an example of a company that provides virtual computing services for a range of users and needs.

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