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Vibosoft iPhone Data Recovery

Sometimes data loss is an unbearable thing for the users. Data is lost in many ways especially when the system crashes or it is lost accidentally. Now you can recover lost data even if your iOS device is not synced with iTunes or iCloud. This is all possible with the new Vibosoft iTunes Data Recovery. This application is the latest release for data recovery from Apple devices. This powerful tool can also recover lost data from the device itself by deep scanning the memory drive of the device. You can recover the files even if you don’t have a backup in iTunes or iCloud. This software enables the user to recover any types of files or data from the device. Photos, music, videos, calendars, call logs, text messages, contacts and many more can be recovered by using Vibosoft iPhone data recovery. This is considered as the most powerful and versatile software and can even recover deleted text messages from iPhone. Some of the key features of this software are as follows:

· Vibosoft is the only software which has the ability to recover data without getting it from the backup. This tool can recover data from the SSD storage without any backup. It can recover 12 different types of files.

· This software can retrieve lost files after upgrade, jailbreak, damage or crashed iOS devices. This software is available for both Windows and Macintosh.

· The application is a powerful one and it offers the user fast recovery within seconds. The application detects the storage of the device and scans the flash memory and then by checking and rebuilding it recreates the lost data or files.

· Vibososft shows the preview with details of the files and data after the scan is performed. This is helpful as you can actually see all those things which need to be recovered.

· The software is loaded with a smart scanning kernel which makes this software able to recover data from any iOS device like the iPhone, iPad, iPod and many more. The operation of this software is simple and very easy to use.

· This software is updated regularly and is fit for all iOS versions including the latest ones.

· There are two modes of file recovery in Vibososft iPhone Data Recovery, one which scans directly the device and recover data from the device by deep scanning the memory drive. And the other mode is by using iTunes or iCloud and you can get those data which were synced with iTunes or iCloud.


These were some of the important features of the Vibosoft Data recovery for iPhone and this software is worth it. It is an amazing and powerful tool to recover lost data from iOS devices successfully without any tedious procedure. All you got to do is to download and install Vibososft and let the software do its magic.