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Vertical modular kitchen goes up, up, and microwave

Vertical modular kitchen goes up

Ecooking station

It’s a bit like kitchen Legos.

Kitchen showrooms are full of massive, shiny appliances meant to be strewn liberally about in a large kitchen. Most of the world, though, doesn’t have that kind of space to spare for ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, kitchen islands, stovetops, and the like. The Clei Ecooking kitchen minds its manners and limits itself to a very compact space.

The Ecooking station is sleek, modern, and modular. It was created by Italian designer Massimo Facchinetti for Clei, a company specializing in transformable furniture. The company’s creations are intended to make the most of small spaces like apartments and lofts.

Instead of spreading his kitchen design out, Facchinetti went up. The modular appliances stack like a bunch of really big Legos. The whole thing can be contained in a shiny rectangular tower, or you can pull out the parts you need when you want them. Need to chop some veggies? Slide out the cutting board. Want to wash that garlic off your fingers? Rotate the sink into place.

The Ecooking kitchen has pretty much everything you need, including a refrigerator, vertical garden, cooktop, and dishwasher.. It even has a solar panel to help power the electrical appliances. An internal water recycling system reuses water from the sink, filters it, and puts it into the dishwasher.

So far, there’s no word on when Clei plans to make this unusual design available, but it sounds like the company is interested in putting it into production. It could end up being a nifty solution for people living in cramped quarters. You might just want to put it near a window to make the most of the solar capabilities.





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