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Venue Booking Software – Optimising the Potential of Your Event Space


Making the most of the potential revenue opportunities from your event space means the need for an efficient and cost-effective venue booking system, which allows you to organize events, schedule rooms, and contact and update clients regarding essential event details.

Standing out from the crowd

The venue industry is highly competitive, so you need an edge to keep you ahead of your competitors and in front of potential clients. Choosing the right Venue Booking Software system will allow you to:

  • Meet and exceed even the highest expectations of clients.

  • Maintain low costs.

  • Operate at optimal efficiency.

  • Use a highly configurable and feature-rich centralised system to obtain a clear competitive advantage.

So how can the right venue booking software help you host the perfect event each and every time?

The right package will allow you to select and configure custom management and booking modules to construct a tailor made venue booking solution specific to your business and venue. Selectable functions include, but are not limited to: booking calendars, catering management, beverage management, resources management, staffing, venue package management, integrated CRM, sales management, contact logs, invoicing and payments, budget integration, task management, itinerary scheduling, attendee management, booth and exhibitor management, travel and accommodation, floorplans, reporting, multi-user and multi-level security access, online venue booking, online booking enquiries, online invoicing, custom event web pages, virtual assistants, tailor-made and user-specific dashboards, and full analytics.

The right venue booking software makes life easier

When you use a comprehensive venue booking solution, you can be sure that you will be able to efficiently schedule rooms and event space, organise and manage budgets, avoid double bookings, stay on top of catering services, maintain optimal equipment inventory, and program auto reminders for key event tasks.

Tasks such as floor planning and setting up of rooms becomes easier, as does logistics planning and being able to produce ad hoc and regular reports for all aspects of event resources. Contracts and deposits can be tracked effortlessly along with invoicing and payments made by exhibitors and other clients. Clients and event staff can also be easily and quickly updated through the client contact feature, making sure that all those in the loop are informed of the latest developments.


Making use of enhanced event resource management tools will lead to greater efficiency and productivity for your venue, maintain accurate and readily-accessible financial data, improve both internal and external communications in relation to events, and boost the level of customer service provided to clients.

Overall, deploying the right venue booking software will optimise event space usage and potential of the venue and allow you to make more informed decisions regarding the use of venue resources – leading to better business performance.