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Using Gifts to Market Your Small Business

As a small business owner, your top priority isn’t only to gain new customers, but to retain the ones you already have as well. A successful marketing strategy is the key to ensuring these two valuable things. One way of doing this is using gifts. Sending gifts to your customers and clients is a great way to show them you care and that they are special. This is also an excellent way to slip in discounts and deals to help nudge them to come back to use your products or services again. So what types of gifts can you send your customers that will benefit you marketing-wise?

Pens and Magnets

You can send your customers pens and magnets with your company logo, name, phone number and tag line. The great thing about pens and magnets is that they stick around for a very long time. They are useful, but also act as an advertisement. Whenever they need your business in the future, they can just go to their fridge and look at the magnet for your Web site or phone number. This sure beats fliers, which are always thrown away.


Another way to stay in sight of your customers, while offering them something of use is a calendar. Each year, you can send your customers a wall calendar that has photos related to your business and the season. Make sure that your business info is on each page of the calendar. You can make your own calendar with Shutterfly, where you can input your own quality photos for each month of the year. Coupons can be placed throughout the calendar as well.

Holiday Gift Cards

Shutterfly also allows you to make gift cards with your own quality photos. This can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers throughout the year. To give them a slight push back to your business, you can include a discount code or coupon.

Speaking of coupons, you can find great deals for Shutterfly on Groupon. Groupon Coupons are also available for over 8,600 other stores. Deals are always being updated, making it a spot to check out regularly.

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