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Using an Applicant Tracking System to Apply for A Job

Applicant Tracking System

Using an Applicant Tracking System to Apply for A Job

Various activities in the society have been affected by the rapid technological advancements that have characterized the world. This includes job recruitment, which has benefited immensely from the existence of the applicant tracking system (ATS). This is a software application that assists recruitment agencies, job seekers and human resource departments to handle their recruitment needs. In the case of human resource departments and recruitment agencies, this software provides a database and centralized location where they can handle job applications, access applicants’ information and manage their recruitment exercises.

Benefits of ATS to job seekers

The advantages of using ATS software applications are not confined to recruitment agencies and human resource departments. Job seekers can use this application to their advantage by easily pushing their data, resumes and cover letters to the front of the recruitment agency. This is beneficial in instances where there are many applicants for a particular vacancy.

Also, applicant tracking systems aid job applicants in improving their personal information in relation to their desired vacancies. They can work on their resumes by adorning them with job-relevant keywords. This would amount to maximizing the ATS’s screening tools that crawl and index submissions. Thus, such applicants would have substantially reduced the chances of their resumes being overlooked by the hiring authority.

Getting a resume to the forefront using an applicant tracking system

For job seekers, realizing the benefits of their applicant tracking system software will depend on how they tailor their personal information. Those who do not do enough in this regard should not expect the system to weave magic. The onus is on the applicant to position himself or herself for success by activating a number of tips. Some of these tips include:

· Understanding the vacancy

It is imperative that all job seekers should have a clear understanding of the advertised vacancy before tendering their application. Those who think that skimming through the job description would be enough to acquaint them with the vacancy would be making a grave mistake. Understanding the position entails analyzing what the company demands of the applicants. It also means that job seekers must take note of certain words in the job description. These words would be integral in producing a job-clinching resume.

· Drafting the resume around certain keywords

After understanding the job, the next exercise involves the drafting of the resume. This should be done using certain keywords as the epicenter. Such keywords could be helpful when detailing the work experiences that are relevant to the vacant position. One important thing of note is to state the desired job crafted in an objective for the resume.

· Utilize additional keywords

Making use of many keywords as possible will make it easier for the applicant tracking system to pick up the main phrases and terms. These keywords should be incorporated in the objective and competency section of the resume. The same tactic should apply when drafting the cover letter. While adding the keywords, job seekers must always tailor their applications to suit the requirements of the vacancy. They can achieve this by detailing their skills and experience that are relevant to this position.

· Inclusion of social media membership

The social media have taken various spheres of the society by storm. Even corporate bodies are looking to utilize the platform to enhance their publicity. In the resume, a job applicant can include his or her social media profile like LinkedIn or Twitter. This way, the recruiters can get more information about them.

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