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The Perks of Using a Proxy Server

Proxy servers are the best solution for those who wish to stay anonymous on the internet. They are the machines that will allow and accept internet traffic on a computer. This server makes sure to substantiate the content the user is looking for before accepting the request. In the process, all the information that is either sent or received will initially go through this proxy server. There are three types of proxies, and they include:

· Open proxy server: This type of proxy is accessible to any internet user.

· Forward:This proxy forwards the requests from an intranet user to an internet server.

· Reverse: In this type of proxy, the request is forwarded from external clients to internal servers.

Many proxy servers providers work hard to keep you anonymous over the web. Here are some of the benefits of using proxy servers to help you to find the best proxy server provider like

Safe and confidential browsing

The biggest perk of using a proxy server is that it helps to wrap all the information in a secure tunnel and keeps them away from the outside network. The proxy server is always in the vanguard,ensuring that the identity of the user remains hidden. This always keeps you secure from spam and other hacker attacks. Moreover, almost all proxy servers do not make use of cookies, and as a result, not even a single information gets stored in their databank.


Caching helps to cut down on the use of bandwidth. This feature allows the proxy server to cache data, which helps the website load faster. In addition, this makes the web content resourceful and actually reduces and saves a lot of time required for a site to be ’fetched’.


In the event that you’re a business company which functions on a large scale, an administrator is required. As there will be many users accessing under one proxy server, the administrator can block the “not in use” websites like social networking, porn and many other non functional websites for all the users working in that particular business firm. Most of the business companies make use of the proxy server as it allows the filteringand controlling of the content flow.

Geo location test

Many website owners always want to offer the best services to their customers. In such a case, when it comes to browsing, users from all over the world will search for information on their geographical locations. In order to make sure the users are directed to the relevant content, the website companies make use of the Geo-location technology. The proxy servers allow you to do that and you can conduct the test throughout the world. If you plan to make use of such a technology,it is advisable to go for a safe and secured paid service provider other than any free service.

The other added advantage of using a proxy server is it will help to access some of the blocked sites. In order to achieve this, you only need to configure the proxy server settings in your browser.