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Upmiup – A new social Network, Get Recharge for uploading Selfies

Upmiup is a social networking website, in which you can upload your two photos. 1.Body image 2.Selfie. after posting these two photos, every Upmiup user will be able to see these photos. And users will UP those photos. If you get more ups eventually you will become popular.

We also have in app chatting. In which you can make friends and chat with them while enjoying our website. Upmiup is unique, no shout out is required to become popular, all you have to do is upload your selfies and others will see it.


Android App Link :

Download Upmiup app from google play store and get free recharge of Rs 30/-

Step 1 – Click on Are you new to UPMIUP ? Register Now.


Step 2 – Put all the Information correctly because you have to verify your email id.


Step 3 – Enter Verification code that you got on your emai-id (Check Spam folder Also) Click Verify and after verifying Click finish. Registertion Successful.


Step 4 – Enter your mobile number and select operator.


Step 5 – Post two Selfies in Dual post (Important Step, without selfies you won’t get recharge). And you are done, now wait for recharge


Now the fun part, for boys you can check out top females on Upmiup, there is a option as you can see,


And for Girls You can check out Top males


You can also check out funny videos on Upmiup


You can also check out what your friends posted on Upmiup .