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Upload Files upto 1GB using Netkups Uploading Service

If you access internet daily you might have heard about the Megaupload that its now dead forever and we posted about it here, and they also tried to get their servers up using an IP Address but now that’s past and Megaupload is now no more + we have also lost the support of uploading files upto 1 GB which we did no Megaupload so we found another website called Netkups.com which allow you to upload files upto 1GB in size.




So we used and tested their service its worked fine even you just need to enter a Captcha for security reasons and than just click on download and you will get files instantly being downloaded to your computers. Well they also have a premium account option which you can purchase which will give you access to upload files up 2GB in size and many other awesome features so check Netkups.com and have fun uploading your files and sharing thm with all your friends.