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Update Your Wardrobe For Fall

It’s starting to get cooler, which means that soon sundresses will be packed away and sweaters will be shaken out. Although it’s always sad to say goodbye to hot days at the beach and warm nights on the town, keep in mind that the end of summer also means the end of sleepless nights spent lying in front of the fan.

Cooler weather has plenty of benefits. Among them: You get to update your wardrobe! There’s no better time for this than back to school season, whether or not you’ll actually be hitting the books this semester. Stock up on tights and hold onto your booties – winter is coming!

Shop The Sales

It might seem counterintuitive to shop for summer clothes at the end of the season, but this is when manufacturers mark down summer items the most. If you see a cute dress that you won’t be able to wear until May, consider buying it and putting it in storage. You will likely get a better price on it than you would next spring.

Fall is actually a great time to shop for summer essentials because manufacturers are trying to get rid of their leftover stock as quickly as possible. Usually-expensive items like flats, hats, and light dresses will be heavily marked down. Plan ahead and buy them now! You can always wait to wear them, and ahead, this article will cover a few ways to style those summer items for the cold months to come.

Love Layers

Layering is one of the best parts of fall! Layering means you don’t have to give up all your summer clothes quite yet. Try updating a light dress with a chunky sweater and boots. Or, if you’re not ready to give up shorts yet, wear them with tights and a heel for a great back to school look.

Hippie style saw a renaissance this summer, from Coachella to the racks. Long dresses, flowing fabric, and tunic tops were everywhere. No need to hang up the flower crown just yet – a pair of tights or cigarette pants can bring a tunic top into the winter season effortlessly.

Touchable Textures

Everyone loves a good sweater. Knitwear adds some interesting texture to your style, and can take an otherwise-simple outfit to the next level while still being comfy and cozy!

Too much knit gets overwhelming, so be sure to play with your textures to keep things fresh. Sleek pants go well with an oversized sweater. Designer Ryan Roche, whose business is based in knits, suggests a sheer lace skirt to add some complexity. This is a perfect look for those days that are just warm enough that you don’t need a coat.

Fall In Love

Yes, summer is over, but don’t despair – take a look at what fall has to offer! Between apple-picking, cuddling in front of the fireplace, and curling up with a good book for those really cold nights, there are tons of things to love about autumn. The fact that you’ll look great while doing it all is just the cherry on top!

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